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November 06, 2013


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Steven Wolf

I bealive Rabbi Weiss to be one of the greatest lobbyist for Isreal, withen the Ametican Jewish community, it is starttlling how the Isreali political establishment, especially the Prime Minister, who often appeals to the US community over the heads of the American Govenment, remain silent on this matter


go back in time rabbi weiss...
there was a man named avi who moved to riverdale...
you treated him like a king...
saw where he lived and how he lived...
but he didn't give you enough money...
so you found no further use for him..
he was a very very nice person.
you are not.


rabbi weiss...
sit down and be quiet.
you befriend people you think are wealthy.
and if they don't give to you...
you are not nice...
i am trying to be nice here...
just disappear.
you are not real.

Yosef ben Matitya

ah! Dershowitz, the secular pilpulist with the rethorics of describing night as day and vice versa.
as to me, I distrust both him and R' Weiss.
The move to take Dershowitz along to Israeli courts may impress the Bivi and the Azure type - themselves in constant pilpul against the rest of the world- but a lawsuit will never endear R' Weiss to anything orthodox in Israel.


I'd very much like to see this come to pass. Anything that breaks the monopoly of the black hats is, by definition, a good thing.

The fact that it also antagonizes them is merely an enjoyable perk.

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