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November 13, 2013


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Russian PhD

M, the Kosher food can be easily delivered from the neigh by South Africa.
And it is to expensive to send commando mission to detain every shmock.
It is cheaper to wait till he will get seriuselly sick (and it will not take long tome taking into account his age and the public health satiation in Zimbabwe), and he will beg to go to an Israeli hospital, even to the prison hospital.

Russian PhD

When the Holy Rabbi will resume his Hasidic customs in Zimbabwe, he should mind the 15% HIV prevalence in this country.


marinejew, yes seriously. I can't reply to anything else you said after that. I don't know what language you are speaking, but it certainly isn't English. Find someone to translate and I will further reply to you shining brilliance.

Account Deleted

@ jancsibacsi, very poetic. I am sure you don't take offense at off colored stereotypical anti-Jewish jokes either, right?

Account Deleted

: Wirbelwind...you do not have to say you are a racist.

Account Deleted

@ : dh..you did not knew anything about Zimbabwe? Are you serious? Just in case so does Yugoslavia is no more. Oh, and the Ottoman Emire, last but not least, the USSR.

put a square into a hole

To M

He can always get some J2 flying pizzas Fed-Exed over to him...


You know of what you speak.

Black rule in Zimbawe has not been good to the blacks either.

Colonial rule was probably better.

Hail the Selious Scouts.


The White paradise in the heart of Africa that once was Salisbury, Rhodesia, now the Black hell of Harare, Zimbabwe


how does berland eat ? there is no kosher food in Zimbabwe . I don't think it's importantfor him and his entourage at this point to eat kosher food . he will just eat the local food and call it kosher , as if they cares for that . chassidim / chareidi are all fakers , anyway .

Israel should locate him , capture him in the night and put him on an army plane and leave his followers who accompany him behind and head it straight to an Israel .

what does the Zimbabwe gvt can do ? there is no gvt in Zimbabwe , anyway . so Israel should not worry about that .


As long as he's in Zimbabwe (which is no friendly place for non-African people) without access to young people he's probably harmless. Someone should make certain his neighbors are aware of what he is and does. Zimbabwe is just the kind of place to take him in - a backwater dictatorship.


("Band on the Run", Paul McCartney & Wings)

Stuck inside a jail’s walls
Sent inside forever
Never seeing no girl nice agin
Like you bubbe you
Bubbe, you

If I ever get out of here
Thought of going back to eretz
And its beautiful sunsets
Why should I have regrets
If I ever get out of here
If I ever get out of here

Well Morocco expelled me by an angry king
Who didn’t like my crimes
All I did was molest a few young girls
Who still liked nursery rhymes

Reb on the run
Reb on the run
And my yes man who ran my scam
Were the few landsman
With the Reb on the run

Well the prosecutor drew a heavy sigh
He’d sought the maximum
But my plane was leaving for parts unknown
Because I am such scum

Reb on the run
Reb on the run
And my yes man who ran my scam
Were the few landsman
With the Reb on the run

Well the night was falling as Zimbabwe called
We could stay in there
Across the world they’re searching for us everywhere
But they don’t have a prayer

Reb on the run
Reb on the run
And the Israeli judge who held a grudge
Cannot extradite
The Reb on the run
The Reb on the run


Reese and Sarek,
What do you have against Zimbabwe? The people of Zimbabwe have enough problems with an oppressive and dysfunctional government. I can't see that they need this shmendrik.


Finally he will be close to his friends, the animals in the jungle hurrey.


Zimbabwe seems a great place for him. Let's see how long he lasts there.


Zimbabwe & Berland PERFECT TOGETHER!


How interesting. I didn't know anything about Zimbabwe so I looked it up. I didn't even know it used to be Rhodesia. It has a long Jewish history, which a Jewish group is trying to restore online. But now (pre this stellar example), sadly, there are only about 200 Jews left. The last Bar Mitzva was in 2008 and most of the remaining Jews are elderly.

Can he live there quietly without stirring things up?

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