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November 25, 2013


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I don't know mendel tevel but I did work for his in laws in Beverly hills California. I was 18 at the time.
I quite the place because his so called "rabbi" father in law, Hertzel Illulian tried to sleep with me a couple of times, he came in and told me he has to stay the night at my house, and asked if he can sleep and caudle with me. I said no but he kept trying.
He was told mendel tevel is a pedophile before he married his daughter but got him to marry his daughter anyways because they are both pedophiles. what type of sick minded father will allow his daughter to marry one, he ruined his daughters life.

I hope they do a investigation on him.
also he is a shady business man. in his "JEM CENTER" RICH PEOPLE DO COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS. and he lets them buy him out with money. he also steals from people and I can vouch for that anytime.

Proud Chabadnik

Mendel Tevel's name is dirt. The only ones in his corner is his immediate family and his in-laws.


Posted by: Proud Chabadnik | November 26, 2013 at 02:42 PM

What about Mendel Tevel?

Proud Chabadnik

Yes, really.

Just like all the other molesters listed on JCW - no one's honoring them and no one's lining up to be meshadach with their kids.

Molesting someone else's kid is bad enough but banging one's own daughter!?! That's really low!


+++Believe me - now that this has become public - he won't be getting any honors anywhere. Unfortunately, it's his kids that will suffer the most as no one wants to marry in to such a family.

Posted by: Proud Chabadnik | November 26, 2013 at 12:37 PM+++


Proud Chabadnik

Believe me - now that this has become public - he won't be getting any honors anywhere. Unfortunately, it's his kids that will suffer the most as no one wants to marry in to such a family.


Ten years probation? Maybe the Lubavitch rabbi that went to court trying to end the 10 year probation of another Level 2 sex offender, will offer again to go to court with this one to have his probation ended early. In the meantime if he goes to the shul where he is the rabbi, he can be assured of getting full honors!

Moshe Cohen

He was found by the Court to be:
Sex Offender Rating Level 2

Level 2 moderate risk of repeat offense


Put a Square, I have no reason to doubt that what you are saying is true to this extent. If someone doesn't meet the criteria, they don't get listed.

I'm more questioning the reasoning that you are ascribing behind the criteria that you mention. (I have no personal knowledge as to the criteria btw.) You say that "Seewald (has) no reason to" and "because he "only" raped his daughters". You are implying that Seewald places less importance on abuse among family members.

I would imagine that there are many reasons behind Seewald's criteria and that if Donin doesn't fit he won't be listed, no matter how egregious his actions.

I am sure that the rape of a family member is extremely appalling to Seewald. To say that Seewald doesn't list someone that doesn't meet the criteria, because it's not important to him is quite a strong accusation.

Aside from all that the critera are not made public for good reason. So, if you happen to know some of the criteria, why would you post it on a public site?

put a square into a hole

To Singemalt

You can contact Seewald. It is known that he has specific guidelines to be put on his web site. Since Yossi Dunin wasn't caught with other children only his own Seewald no reason to put his picture on his site.
I spoke to a driver at the yeshivah as to why he is no more working. I was told that when he realized he was about to get busted he decieded to quit his bus driving job and blame it on the fact that he was working to hard and wanted a raise. He then went on to work for Rabbi Kotlarsky and drove the daily bus that goes to the Ohel. Now, since he was found guilty (plea bargained he has no job and his bus license was revoked. You can verify this by calling the school and speak to Sholom Rosenfeld @ 718-774-5050 that's if he will speak about it now that the story camer out.
My info is not some story being told at the water cooler....


Does anyone know what Yaakov Bryski, pictured above (and much praised by Yossi post assaults) is doing now? Was he ever charged?


Square hole, What is the source of your information? That is quite an outragous statement.

put a square into a hole

Seewald didnt put Yossi Dunin (his other spelling) because he "only" raped his daughters. He wasnt caught rapeing any other child. Even though he was a bus driver for many years at Oheli Torah boys school. The same school that pedophile Yossel Raices worked in.


JCW has its own criteria of who they list. Part of that is if the perp is willing to agree to and keep certain conditions, they don't list them. Maybe Donin is complying with them or doesn't meet their criteria for some other reason.


Does the DA actually give the sentence in these situations or is this recommended to the judge?


i guess with hynes kicked out of office his pal seewald will not be able to pick and choose his perps.

(The other) Eli

It's not too bad.
10 years is a long time. You can be certain he'll violate the terms of his probabtion at some point, then Thompson can lay down the hammer.
Provided he doesn't get corrupted by Satmar and the hassid bloc anyway


Given that the frumma usually don't report frum on frum crimes to the police, to have this many indictments, there must be a staggering amount of other victims or offenses.

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