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October 11, 2013

Superseding Criminal Complaint Against Rabbis Mendel Epstein & Martin Wolmark, Jay, Moshe & Avrohom Goldstein, Binyamin Stimler, David Hellman, Simcha Bulmash And Sholom Shuchat

Rabbi Mendel Epstein"[The Kidnap Team] traveled to the Warehouse …to execute the planned kidnapping and forced get.…the Kidnap Team arrived at the Warehouse in two dark minivans. Upon exiting the minivans, some the Kidnap Team members put masks and entered the Warehouse office…while the remaining Kidnap Team members walked around the outside the Warehouse with flashlights.…members of the Kidnap Team went and out…wearing masks, Halloween masks and bandanas.…"

Rabbi Mendel Epstein
Rabbi Mendel Epstein

Originally published at 10:07 pm CDT 10-10-2013

The superseding criminal complaint as a PDF file:

Download Mendel Epstein, et al, Superseding Criminal Complaint 10-10-2013


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Amazing reading. They thought of everything right down to the quill pen and ink bottles for writing the get - everything, that is, except for thinking that they might be getting set up fpr a sting. .

This whole affair reminds me of the movie Reservoir Dogs.

"You ever listen to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies?"

I hope Dick Wolf pays Shmarya big bucks to be the consultant.

They've all been booked into Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia.

This is a great read. If you haven't read the PDF file, I highly recommend it as great reading. It's genuine movie material. Unbelievable, except that we all know that it's probably true.

It's amazing how many businesses a Frum lifestyle creates. We even have our own underground mafia to "take care of people" when they aren't doing things the way we think they should be done.

Mi K'amcha Yisrael!

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