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October 14, 2013


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Apparently no one told them that many years ago the good people of Bloomingburg woke up one morning to find flyers on their doorsteps asking them to join the KKK. Do you suppose the people behind the flyers left after an anti KKK demonstration! Apparently no. That the property was a dumping ground for pig carcasses was also not told. Luckily, the water testing facility is near their property! This town wants to maintain it's rural nature, and will do everything,hing in its powers to keep it that way! Aware of East Ramapo& Lakewood,nj....they are prepared to fight this!


"They (the locals) shouldn't worry. Everything they do, they will do in a peaceful law-abiding way."

Yep, took over the school board in Ramapo in a perfectly legal manner. They they decimated the public school system.

And anyone who complained was an antisemite.


In a way it might turn out for the better no sec.8 medicaid or food stamps for them, lets see how long they will survive there if they have to fend for themselfs.


Anti-Satmarism does not equal antisemitism unless you figure most Jews are like the Satmar which is of course patently absurd. They stand out even among the Hasidim for their nasty arrogance. I attended a Jewish camp in Bloomingburg many years ago (too many...) and don't have the least recollection of there being problems with the locals. This assault is something else again. They should incorporate it as a separate political entity so that the long-term residents of the village aren't disenfranchised.


Posted by: Berel | October 14, 2013 at 10:13 AM

one cannot act like an jerk and worse (KJ) and then when people complain cry anti-antisemitism.
satmar is hated simply because of their unethical behavior and thinking everybody should comply with their wants like the bike lanes


Law abiding?

Except when rioting, beating people up, violating building code, vandalizing, et al.


Too late for the anti-semites now. Of course if they new it was a Jew project they'd opposed it on some other context than their being anti religious Jews. Now the new community will constitute a majority of the town population and just vote the anti-semites out.


Puts me in mind of an Ogden Nash poem but with less bowing and smiling

The Japanese (1938)

How courteous is the Japanese;
He always says, “Excuse it, please.”
He climbs into his neighbor’s garden,
And smiles, and says, “I beg your pardon”;
He bows and grins a friendly grin,
And calls his hungry family in;
He grins, and bows a friendly bow;
“So sorry, this my garden now.”

Yochanan Lavie

There is no shortage of anti-Semites here in America, especially when it comes to the Hasidim.

Posted by: Berel | October 14, 2013 at 10:13 AM

Of course, the Chassidim love everybody who is not like them. They bring it on themselves by their despicable behavior. America is the "medina shel chesed," and the least antisemtic country ever. Israel exists not because of the largely apathetic American Jews, but because of the support of American Christians. But then again, the Chassidim would rather live under Hamas than the "Zionists" (if living under Hamas was possible).


I forgot the reason theese hassidim are so despised is because they make a mockery of the jewish religion and they are mocking civilazation they act like they are it, the world is a joke to them


Gevezener Chusid --I am also a gevezener chusid and i agree 100 per cent with rwisler he is more then 100 per cent right,and i am an immigrant who lived next to satmar in romania its not only the satmerers i live in bp and a visznitzer neigbor and other hassidik setcs are similar but the satmerers are the pits.

Gevezener Chusid

RWisler, why are you so pathologically anti-Chassidic? Have you lived among them?

I did - for 20+ years - and most of your ranting is patently false, based on my experience.

I am no longer part of that community (gevezener means "former" in Yiddish) but I really take umbrage at your vicious and mostly false ranting.

Which is not to say that there is nothing to criticize.


Yochanan asked:

Is Lamm's son Satmar? An ally of Satmar? An opportunist? How did this happen?

I answer:

No, he just learned from his father that lots of money and being seated in the place of honor is more important than their fellow human being's welfare. The father smiled in satisfaction as young men were being raped at his institution and the son used deception and dishonesty to bring suffering to the hard working people of Bloomingburg.

The senile father and the high-living son both have a lot to answer for.


Wait'll these pigs open a chicken slaughtering operation with the sewage and rotten chicken waste dumped raw into the sewer system or water supply. Dangerous non-zoning compliant structures, dangerous drivers, disturbing the peace.... All legacies of the rasha ga'mor Joel Teitlebaum (may the son-of-a-whore's name be soon forgotten).

I pray that the good people of Bloomingburg are spared the hell of having these rotten and perverted people invade their town.

Yochanan Lavie

Is Lamm's son Satmar? An ally of Satmar? An opportunist? How did this happen?

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