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October 18, 2013


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Ari goldman

There is 312 cases of rabbis molesting young boys, I believe the true numbers are in the thousands, the do the mohel thing were they suck the eight day old babies dicks,METZITZAH b'peh is the name of the sick pedophile act,I think it probably started after a rabbi was caught doing it and he said god told me to do it,ban all religions they are all man made con's,after sex with boys or after our money


Isn't this the same school where another 'rabbi' currently having allegations against him made ALSO taught?


This is sick & heartbreaking. I know him well. He was a teacher in Spinka Yeshiva last few years. Seemed like such a nice guy, ben Torah, Kolell background, children in Israel & Lakewood.

What a tragedy for his family, for his friends, for his own ruined life, and of course the biggest tragedy for the child he allegedly molested.

Another hidden tragedy: they don't start molesting at age 56; who knows what else will come out of the woodowork.

Am starting to think that while this is despicable criminal behavior it is also a deep sickness. Sad all around.


its hard to believe the police took no action for 3 years......


I've been told that HANC is claiming to have fired him as soon as they became aware of allegations in Aug. 2010 and reported it and cooperated with police immediately. Whether or not this is true we will prob find out.


jancsi & S M L:

Sage assessments! It is about power, power and control over the weak and innocent.



if it turns out that HANC didnt respond and react properly anywhere along the way, I will make their lives miserable. I have a long and deep connection there. i hope additional details show they did right, but the timing already has me doubting it.



As you note, rape is a crime involving an assertion of power over the victim and not one of sexual gratification per se. I'm not sure how the balance between those two shifts when the rapist is nominally (publicly) celibate as with Catholic priests however these rapist Rabbis are presumably all married. If mere sexual gratification were the goal would presumably be able to impose their will on adult women in their communities and get themselves off that way. Instead they rape children which is an act of perversion.


sol--Pedophilia is not the same as being a homosexual,as i wrote here many times i myself was molested at the age of 10 in the miva by our shohet and moel who was 63 years old he was like g-d in our european town in the 1950 s no one dared to soil his reputation i never told my father because i was very scared that i would be punished who would beleive me especially in the 1950 s in a communist country yes he was a hsassidishe guy he even had a shtrimel there in a communist country which was a rarety i remeber it very well he used his status and power as i see it the destroy me psychologically and he accomplished it he wasnt homosexual it was the feeling of being all powerfull for some reason alot of hassidim feel powerless who knows may they are forced to be a hassid by their parents and all this frustration as i see it is being taken out whom they feel is weak,so this gives them a feeling of power especially with a child in actuality they are destroying the world of the child as i see it that makes them all powerfull.

Broadway Ali

What is frightening to infer, is just like in the Catholic Church, this is not something that just happened over the last 30 years. This has been going on since time immemorial. Only the coverups were better, or not even necessary.


For some reason haredim appear to be overwhelmingly homosexuals as most abuse appear to me men on boy. The women seem to be ok with very little stories of women sexually boys or girls but the males is another story. So different when it comes to the general population at large.


modern orthodox - why bother with this - hes not charedi?!

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