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October 18, 2013

Four More Haredi Kidnap-Torture-Extortion Granted Bail

Rabbi Mendel EpsteinThe four haredi men join six others, including allegedly ringleaders Rabbi Mendel Epstein and Martin “Mordechai” Wolmark, who were granted bail earlier this week.

Rabbi Mendel Epstein
Alleged kidnap-torture-extortion gangleader Rabbi Mendel Epstein

Four More Haredi Kidnap-Torture-Extortion Granted Bail
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Four more haredi men held in a kidnap-torture-extortion scheme to coerce recalcitrant Jewish husbands to grant their wives Jewish religious divorces have been granted bail, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported. They join six others, including allegedly ringleaders Rabbi Mendel Epstein and Martin “Mordechai” Wolmark, who were granted bail earlier this week.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Douglas E. Arpert set bail at $1 million for Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein and $500,000 for Moshe Goldstein, Avrohom Goldstein and Simcha Bulmash.

While bail amounts vary between $5 million and $500,000 for the first six of the 10 arrested gang members, all six were ordered into house arrest with electronic monitoring.

The 10 were arrested in an undercover sting operation last week. Women were charged close to $100,000 each for the gang to kidnap and torture their husbands to force them to grant their wives Jewish divorces known as "gets" (get, singular; gittin, plural; in both Hebrew and Yiddish).

No trial date has yet been scheduled.


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There is a right to bail in this country, and any prosecuter dumb enough to raise the issue if the possibility of a Jew running to Israel (as we saw in this minor case a few years back - Rubashkin v. United States) would get drowned in the legitimate screams of "anti-semitism"......

All that said - I'm glad they all have to wear ankle monitors.

rebitzman: Rubashkin was denied bail because the prosecutor said that, as a Jew, he could run to Israel and become a citizen.

No one cried anti-semitism then.

The biggest crime here was the extortion of up to $100,000. for these poor women. They must have turned away hundreds who were poor and couldn't pay up. They bilked the rich. A real MAFIA GANG. That is why they get no sympathy from anyone, and that is why the govt. is throwing the book at them.

Had they done this for FREE, while still 'kidnapping' they would have caught a break I'm sure. US Attorney Fishman said so.


The decision to release him on bail in January 2009 was to a great extent (certainly not the sole reason) in response to the government motion to deny bail in Dec 2008 where the fact that Jews can "escape" to Israel was met with outrage across all Jewish world.

The argument was (any is) if you apply that standard to all of us (because it is true for all Jews) you in essence (and unconstitutionally) disqualify an entire people from ever receiving bail.

You're forgetting that Rubashkin had helped a co-defendant, Hosam Amara, flee to Israel and that he had a travel bag with cash and his family's passports in closet.

good point. what happened to the women who couldn't afford this help?

that said, they were released because of the power of bloc voting.
someone, somewhere in new york made a few phone calls.
not kidding.

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