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October 09, 2013

NYPD, FBI Raids In Brooklyn And Monsey, Rabbi Mendel Epstein Arrested At 8:43 PM

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2The NYPD has raided haredi Rabbi Mendel Epstein's home and synagogue in Brooklyn and the FBI has raided another haredi synagogue and rabbi's home in Monsey. Epstein. has been arrested.

  FBI Mendel Epstein Bust 1

Cops in front of Mendel Epstein's shul 10-9-2013 Epstein arrest

My sources are good, but I won't print the names until I can confirm the raid. I will say that if this is true, there are a lot of women who will be very happy tonight.

Rabbi Mendel Epstein was arrested in Flatbiush at 8:43 pm EDT. Money laundering and (get-related) extortion charges.

Rabbi in Monsey may be Rabbi Wolmark. Yeshiva Shaarei Torah on Carlton Road.

Update 10:50 pm CDT – The Journal News reports:

The FBI apparently told Ramapo police to follow them to the yeshiva. Ramapo police said about 10:30 p.m. that their activity was expected to end shortly.An FBI spokesman in the New York office would only say that searches were being conducted in connection with an ongoing investigation. He could not confirm whether arrests had been made and referred calls to the New Jersey office of the agency.Agents could be seen leaving the building later in the night.
[Hat Tip: The Lion.]


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Wow I can't wait for names!

i heard the FBI is at Sharrei Torah in Monsey on Highview.

Is get refusal a crime in New York?

The update came in just as I was typing -- get extortion. That's more plausible.

Excellent, Shmarya, just excellent. Can someone go wake up the NYT or some press out there? Great pics.

Whoa this is big news! I went elementary school with Rabbi Wolmarks son.

Also, I don't know if this is connected but Rabbi Wolmarks wife is a Wolfson.

(Tapping finger and awaiting the facts)


Is everyone ready for the typical Haredi reaction? My crystal ball anticipates comparing the FBI and NYPD with the Gestapo and Nazi's etc. Remember, Haredi's are untouchable and goyim were created to serve them ;0


you're so funny.
a breath of fresh air.

wow...just woke up and read this.
if it's true extorting money for gets.
wow. how holy.

why did the FBI not go down the block to maple terrace and arrest shlomo zalmen kaufman he works with mendel Epstein?

May this start, God willing, the implosion of the Rockland-Orange county black hat mafia.

If there were ever a POS that deserves this more than even Milton Balkany, it's Mendy the מנוול.

Shmarya, now might be a good time to do an expose on Mendy. There is plenty of Jewcy information on him.

He is a thug, reminiscent of the the LES Jewish Mob of the 1900's. You should be able to relate to this, since your grandfather Leon Gleckman was a mobster.

In the news now:

"The FBI descended late Wednesday on Yeshiva Shaarei Torah in connection with an investigation into a gang that pressured men into giving their wives religious divorces, a law enforcement source told The Journal News."

Unsure why women are going to be happy over this - the "gang" is charged with physically coercing recalcitrant men into granting a get on their behalf..........

great move ! haredi should know secular laws exist and they cannot overrule them , bc they are haredi .

this article should serve as an example for all haredi .


=) Thanks.

Now I am awaiting YL's latest tune.


Oh and btw, I hear the FBI is going to open a field office in Ramapo which will save them the drive from Manhattan. They are looking for a central location [maybe Maple and 306] with two satellite offices, one across from Town Hall and another across from ERCSD offices.

Well, I can wish, can't I. ;)


As a former student of Shaarei Torah and a close friend to Rabbi Wolmark, I just wanted to say that I hope everything works out for him here.
Fact is, he was doing dirty work that someone has to do (unfortunately) in order to upkeep the sacred status of the Ketubah and respect the Get.

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