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October 10, 2013


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has anyone in this case gone to prison yet?


Hey, I know a few "families" in New Jersey who would "off" the dude for far less than $100K. Seems like a more permanent solution.

Just sayin'...


Bas Melech

Many years ago, I asked a Rav/Dayab about physically coerced gets. He answered that there are shailahs as to their validity.

Account Deleted

Agree with APC. Cruel, barbaric, inhumane to allow the torture of men to unwind a marriage and the enslavement of women in marriage.

I wish you well bendinai, but to embrace the traditions inherent in Jewish divorce law, you will just have to rely on your Faith to reconcile the obviously troubling issues with morality. There is no reasonable argument in defense of that tradition other than Faith, right or wrong, trumps basic human morality.


+++Torah law is real and "in the hood" so to speak. Also, you are trying to address a timeless ...Posted by: bendinai+++

yes, torah is the REAL thinking of men 2500 years ago. and we now see parts of it for what they are : cruel, barbaric and inhumane.


@ Rebitzman.....darn you for letting the cat out of the bag!

@ Pard....not a trick question, but you did step into it. "it means a society, such as in America today, in which all people are equal under the law, at least in theory, despite the imperfections." Being a former civic activist, and currently working in law enforcement, all you are actually offering is "theory," as very little of your definition is true in the actual execution. Torah law is real and "in the hood" so to speak. Also, you are trying to address a timeless and universal issue using American society as a guide point; and that is extremely narrow minded.



I did not use that 5TJT story or report on it then because I knew Epstein was a mafioso thug.

Account Deleted

Those Rabbis should be charged with attempted murder. Anyone who has ever actually fought knows that physical violence can easily become lethal. A beating is not a surgical procedure and it can easily cause death.

Perhaps the folks that look up to these leaders as suitable teachers of a tradition should question that assumption when the leaders have such awesome lapses in judgement.

Even those die hard traditionalists that will never dream of making men and women equal under the marriage law must recognize that attempted murder is not reasonable approach to divorce dispute.

What the What?

Keywords here are "$100,000".

Account Deleted

Civil Society? Is that a trick question, bendinai? In broad terms, it means a society, such as in America today, in which all people are equal under the law, at least in theory, despite the imperfections. The idea that a man must give a "get" in order for a woman to be free, but it is O.K. to make him give that release through beatings is barbaric and uncivil. It is also an insult to the concept of a loving god to think that such behavior is preferable to some simple amendment to the law of divorce that would deal with the reality of modern day women no longer being property.


Keywords here are extortion and money laundering.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts


Had this group been doing this simply out of the goodness of their hearts, you would probably see some sympathy for them (but not their methods), but given that they were administering their beat downs for the low, low price of $100,000 per........

They are thugs - period. This story has nothing to do with feminism or Judaism beyond the fact that the thugs and their victims are Jew - and women.


Pard.....define "civil society."

Lubavitchers are Christians

Who is Rabbi Mendel Epstein?


Account Deleted

Of course the only solution is to amend the law of Jewish divorce to recognize that a woman is not property and that even if the husband does not wish to give a get, the woman can still be freed from her marriage.

Beating people up is a bit primitive. Genius Rabbis that would prefer thuggery to amending the Law to keep up with the civil society.


Considering how this blog tends to lean, I would expect praise and accolades for the behavior of these Rabbis.......true feminists!

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