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October 10, 2013


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Diane Polonsky

Rabbi Baruch Gradon of the RCCVAAD also engages in non - kosher psaks, and engages with the very rich, but has Dana Cole as his attorney. Dana Cole wife is Judge Lisa Cole, and dines with Judge Elizabeth White. Dana Cole criminal attorney represents several affluent and powerful Rabbi's who have been accused of illegal methods. http://balladofphilipfishelcohen.blogspot.com/p/rabbi-baruch-michael-gradon-spiritual.html


I have to honestly say that I know a case of a man who has given his wife a get but the wife doesn't want to take it and by not taking it she can then harass the man to no end as the Rabbi takes what the woman at face value which many Rabbis enjoy harassing men that aren't part of their clique. They call his employment and his landlords and why would any man want this but some of the women they are miserable and lonely and know the divorce and having children makes them unmarriageable for a long time so they want to make the man's life a living hell and get pleasure from that which they can't do if they accept the get. In addition to pushing feminism and that the Jewish bible is a sexist piece of garbage.

No normal man would want to be harassed endlessly (a few men have political connections that is good for the Rabbis so them they don't harass but I suspect the exception not the rule) so in most cases I think there is more to the story like for example women refusing to take Gets but they don't tell the Rabbi that. If they have children no one's going to want to marry them anyway until their children are grown up. So they have a lot to gain by refusing a get they can harass their ex husband and they can point out how the bible and Judaism is a sexist religion. What benefit do they get from a Get since at this time they know no one is going to be interested in marrying them and being their wife.

Furthermore, for the life of me I don't understand if a man egregiously violates his side of the contract why that isn't an issue of nullifying a contract if a man clearly is behaving in obvious bad faith. It just seems there is blood lust to beat up Jewish men and it makes us LOOK AWFUL as a people.

This story that it has been all over the NY newspapers today makes Jews look bad although I don't think it is the whole story.

under duress

oy vey.

some dude

... and I never joke about a man's middle name

some dude

Yup- It's Mordechai Gimple Wolmark.

under duress

Does anyone know Martin Wolmark's Hebrew name?


David and Judy Max, who beat Yisroel Briskman of Lakewood two or three years ago to force a "get and are being prosecuted by the FBI, apparently ratted out Epstein and company in order to win a lighter jail sentence:



As with theon-Jews whose marriage rate is in precipitous decline because men are afraid of losing their pants, so too are the new breed of Frumak men afraid of marriage out of fear of losing their unterhoysen, hence the burgeoning number of tens of thoudands of unmarried and unmarriageable over-30 Frumettes worldwide!

Bas Melech

Meanwhile back at home, women suffer physical and mental abuse from husbands. The rabbis blame the wife. The trapped women can't even buy their way out of the manage.

I am tired of hearing BS that these rabbis defend women. Those "rabbis" coercing men to give a get have a self-interest--money and pleasure from inflicting violence on people.

Bas Melech

A woman have every right to end a bad marriage and receive a get. Just as men leave to avoid giving one, some women put unreasonable demands on the husband. Chidlren become pawns. A non-religious or less "frum" husband often refuses a get until he obtains some custodial parental rights. Which side do the "rabbonim"take?

I know of a case of a forced get. Neither party wanted it. The parents and rabbis decided that the husbands influence caused the wife and children to be less frum. A few years later, the couple remarried each other.

As a woman, I know the difficulties of Jewish divorce laws. I know that many women suffer before getting one. But, I also know bitches who place unreasonable demands in order to receive a get.

Alter Kocker

THe simple fact is that the get is used to hold a woman hostage in order to force financial settlements in excess of anything a court might order. Combine this with extreme corruption and misogyny in the Beth Din system and you have a crisis.

Did anyone watch the "Sopranos"? In the second season the characters undertook a contract to force a get out of a recalcitrant Haredi son-in-law. They succeeded by assuring him that either he signed a get or have the boys remove his sex organs on the spot. The upshot of it all was that the father-in-law who ordered the get was forced to share the asset he was protecting with the boys.


These guys are in deep shit. Kidnapping, extortion, crossing state lines...

They are definitely a flight risk, no bail should be set.


This 'Agunah Crisis' arises because of a failure in the secular court system.

If a New Yorker transfers the balance in his bank account to a foreign bank in a jurisdiction which does not enforce New York Court judgments (such as the Serb Republic in Bosnia, or Turkish Northern Cyprus) to evade paying alimony, then the New York Court will not just throw in the towel and tell the wife there is nothing they can do. They will jail the man for contempt and keep him there until sufficient funds are brought back to the US to pays the wife.

The same principles apply to Gittim. A New York civil court can no more a Beis Din to write a Get than it can force the Serb Republic to recognize its jurisdiction in Pale, however it can jail a man who is in New York for contempt.

There is nothing unconstitutional in stating that if you choose to marry in a Jewish ceremony in New York State, then you owe your wife a duty to grant her a get when the New York court believes that circumstances justify the marriage being brought to an end and for the wife to be able to get on with her life. This is a matter of civil law only.

It must be stressed that the reason why a secular court can order a man to give a Get is not because he is a Jew but rather because he chose of his own free will to be married in a Jewish ceremony and that decision gave his wife a right to receive a Get on civil divorce. If you do not like the possibility of a New York Court ordering you to give a get, then don't get married in a Jewish ceremony or live as husband and wife in New York.

Of course you will have the odd case of some stubborn husband who will spend years in jail rather than give a Get, but the vast majority of Agunah cases will disappear.

Women have a right to divorce under US law so that they can get on with their lives and the US Courts are failing in their duties to enforce that right in ensuring that they can.

Outcast Yid

So what ever happened to ostracizing recalcitrant husbands?

Oh -- no profit. Shucks.

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