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October 22, 2013


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"Wonderful! Chabad does wonderful work."

Yes, it's wonderful how Chabad plants itself on college campuses, seduces and brainwashes vulnerable young people into believing it represents the only authentic form of Judaism remaining, indoctrinates them and lures them into lives of ignorance, repression, poverty and rebbe-worship.

A kiddush Hashem!


"And The Millions Of Dollars Of Profits Go To…Chabad"

Wonderful! Chabad does wonderful work. They and only they take it upon themselves to make sure that there is as many places as possible on this planet where Jews can have a place to daven and eat. May they get many more millions of dollars of profit!

put a square into a hole

This Rabbi Wolff is the son of Israeli politician Berke Wolf .....His father taught him the works.


Great international tax planning.

Would not be surprised if profits ended up in a Netherlands Antilles corporation.

All sorts of tax treaties......been there done it........


>>"I'm a rabbi and deal only in spiritual matters," Wolff told Channel 9, adding that "there is such a partnership" as between Issachar and Zebulun, the biblical figures.<<

Gag me.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Like other Chabad sugar daddys, he will end up in prison or bankrupt or dead.

Did anyone ever find Guma?


what a racket ! cha-bad are sneaky .
they make you believe anything if u are under pressure , work with your mind beautifully ( they r experts ) and brainwash you . they are IN CONTROL of your mind .

they know how to be sweet with millionaires , but reject anyone who is average . that's the way the sect operates , give attention only to the very wealthy .


Typical chassidic bullshit.....when the "prayers" stop "working," he will stop giving. Happens all the time with Rebbes and their adherents.


Just goes to show that rich doesn't mean smart. Can't find much info online about Granovsky, but I assume he made his money in natural resources like most of the rest of the gangster oligarchs. My sense is that chabad rabbis in Asia and Africa play a big role in facilitating deals for businessmen who make big contributions. Lots of Israeli activity in the mines in Africa, facilitated by connections to African strongmen (and the sale of Israeli weaponry).


I'm going into partnership with this rabbi. I'll ask him to pray just before I go into a casino.

I expect to win big.

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