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September 09, 2013


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If a stranger walked into your house and partially amputated your baby's penis, you would expect the perpetrator to be arrested and prosecuted.

How is it possible in an age of space travel and a million proofs of advanced intelligence, the desire of a few dozen men, more than anything else, to perform this barbaric act, FOR ONE REASON ONLY... can exist?

No, no, it's not done for the reasons you claim and cite! Circumcision is exclusively done to reduce the act of sexual pleasure.

How dare you make such a decision on behalf of a helpless baby? Being a parent does not give you the right to do what a stranger gets arrested and prosecuted for. Please do not tell us of people who say they would have given their permission if they could have, THEY DIDN'T. So far, no baby has ever spoken up and welcomed some deviant man slicing his baby manhood with a razor blade and then using his filthy, bacteria-laden mouth. Too often that includes HIV and many other health issues. That's not an opinion, this is fact.

Who else on earth is permitted to taste the blood of a mutilated baby penis? Uch.

If we are to discuss both sides, please grant the respect of answering that one question: Who else is permitted to taste the blood of a mutilated infant penis?

So many of you attack each other with filthy thoughts and words, saying far more about yourself than those you seek to impugn.

We need, and hope, you develop your mind to where you can rise to... and move beyond, to better thinking and to more-persuasive tactics ... than calling each other whatever you internally believe about yourself. ("The one who smelt it dealt it.")

How many of you know the identity of a Jew whose fame is partly attributed to his statement that, "Whenever we are offended by a fault in someone else, it is precisely because we've already identified that fault in ourselves?"

.... Yeh, yeh, we know, this does not apply to you, lol.

The smartest among us are those who, instead of denying their stupid moves and decisions, recognize them as quickly as possible so as to put them in DO NOT REPEAT mode and replace them with better thinking.

The past few months have seen an outstanding depth of vitriolic comments here at FailedMessiah.com. So, how many problems have you solved with that, or, as Sarah would say, "How's that werkin' out fer ya?"

Today is a good day to hit your RESET button. If you really are Jewish, and wish to see an arrest of too-fast progress of black-hatted bad people pretending to be Jewish while living quite differently, stop the in-fighting. Focus.

Each of you, including the otherwise VERY-respected efforts of Shmarya, with thousands of hours invested into building something, look peevish, childish, and worse.

"WORSE" because you only have two choices, you chuckleberries, you only have two choices.

Focus on what's wrong...


... or focus on the solution.


Let's win together over the actual bad guys.

Pick one fight at a time, and give it all you have. If you're as smart as you think you are, find a way to persuade people who have decision-making capability.

Otherwise, all your brain power is wasted on the anger inside you that you may experience as a result of someone brutally assaulting you on your eighth day of life, changing what God had wrought, a nice little baby, who was just perfect... except "we have to prevent him from enjoying sex too much."

Shh. If you knew better, you'd shut up and show us that you do better. Until you hit that moment, it's just lip-flapping, kids, just lip-flapping and jaw-jacking. Most of those at least a few steps up the food chain did not get here accidentally, we just keep our little brains focused on solutions. We produce more solutions, and get much more of what we want, and more often.

Focus on what's wrong, or focus on fixes.

Can we at least stand up for helpless babies? The body does have have 'four humors,' as Shmarya so literately pointed out. This practice will end only when enough people speak up. If you don't send an email or phone call on this in the next hour or two of your life, then we move you from the "movers and shakers" side of the room to the "hot air" side of the room. Hey: We tend to earn our slots in life.

VERY good article, Shmarya, well-written. Will be sharing this. Thank you

Steven Wolf

Strangly enough I viewed this item, just after watching, the film campaign, that made me laugh, this makes me wont to cry!.


"The anti-Semites were right. Jews drink infant's blood for their rituals. It's just Jewish blood, not Christian

Posted by: anuran | September 09, 2013 at 02:43 PM"

Not funny, anuran.


The anti-Semites were right. Jews drink infant's blood for their rituals. It's just Jewish blood, not Christian


I realize this is way beyond you, but what you just wrote (as stupid as it is) proves your earlier comment wrong.

Now, to help you process, every major city in the US experienced a similar degree of people moving to the suburbs post-WW2 – mostly due to an extreme housing shortage caused by the war and the resulting steep increase in the price of the few homes available. The construction of freeways sped up that migration and sustained it because it drastically cut commute times.

Got that?


shmarya: Jewish (and other) migration to the Detroit suburbs started after WWII. There were crime issues, economic issues and political mismanagement issues long before the riots. Mitt Romney's family left its upscale Detroit neighborhood for Bloomfield Hills in 1953. Many of the ones who fled after the riots were the ones who really couldn't afford to move to the suburbs without experiencing a significant decline in their standard of living or didn't drive, but left anyway because of public safety concerns. I knew some of them.

Detroit's race problems did not start in 1967. There were riots in 1943 (before I was born). Not all of the city's problems were related to race. High taxes certainly hurt. The city's first income tax went into effect in 1962. 22,000 residents left the city in 1966, the year before the riots. New freeways built after the war and a lack of toll bridges made it easier for people to leave the city and still get to their jobs. Increasingly, new factories were built in the suburbs.


The riots which burned down Detroit were in July 1967, not following King's assassination in April of 1968. By then, there wasn't much left to burn.

The Jews had been moving to the suburbs throughout the 1950's and early and mid-60's, same as New York, Chicago, and many other places. By '67 there weren't all that many left.


jimmyInBkln –

Are you really this ignorant?

They fled after the riots in the 60s that took place after MLK was assassinated.

The flight had nothing at all to do with any city economic problems or the city's leadership.

It did, however, contribute somewhat to both of those problems developing.



So why did Detroit Jews flee?

"Scratching head because of Rosenbergs brilliance"


rocky –



The reality is that you have serious issues.


Jeff said: "This entire presentation is a textbook example of political bullshit." Quite true. But it works with a lot of voters.

For those who were upset by my black analogy, how about Evangelicals, small business people, Hispanics, gays or unions? The fact is, democracy is messy and we don't always elect the best people. Some cities are cursed by making bad choices election after election. And then they hit rock bottom e.g the city of Detroit, where almost all of the Jews have fled to the suburbs and the Jewish institutions have closed.


I just listened to the beginning, which I'd forwarded past before, and the guy who introduces de Blasio does mention that he's the only candidate who's committed himself to the status quo concerning MBP (which I don't think is correct; they've all said it should be the rabbis' decision, but whatever).

You're right about Kornbluh's version, though - he edited out the last minute in which another Satmar takes the mike and states that de Blasio has promised to overturn the informed consent requirement.

This entire presentation is a textbook example of political bullshit. The fact that these idiots take it seriously illustrates how out of touch with reality they are.


Every time a Jew does something bad the racist yids will say "But...but...but... JESSE JACKSON! AL SHARPTON! NIGRASNIGRANIGRA!"


Boychikel: Black churches do this sort of thing all of the time. Think, the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

I think the next mayor will play a major role in reversing much of the economic progress that the city saw under Juliani and Bloomberg. There will be more pressure to raise taxes and fees on "the rich" and on business. Even financial firms don't have to have huge armies of employees in NYC. TD Ameritrade functions quite well in Omaha, Nebraska. Vanguard does quite well in the suburbs of Philadelphia etc.


"Curious: Except for Christine Quinn, have any of the other Democrat candidates stood firm on the health risks of this practice?"

As far as I know, Quinn is the only one who hasn't caved on it. The others are all promising, directly or indirectly, to overturn the informed consent requirement.


Of course. If they're so convinced of their rightness, why is everything always hidden?


Jeff –

The video you found is the edited version. The last minute or so is cut off.

Outcast Yid

Curious: Except for Christine Quinn, have any of the other Democrat candidates stood firm on the health risks of this practice?

How about the Republicans? Have any of them pandered to the herpes-passers?


This "rabbi" is endorsing De Blasio, and is doing so as part of his Satmar cult. He's doing it blatantly and openly.

Tell me, if Cardinal Dolan stood in front of a campaign rally and endorsed Quinn because she's a fellow Irish Catholic, wouldn't that be a violation of IRS rules?

Oh, I forgot. Satmar's above the law.


Here it is (I assume it's the same video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oshWZsy0io

I listened to the latter half of it (after he stopped thanking them and telling them Bloomberg has ignored them), and I didn't hear him promise to overturn the informed consent ruling, but he does promise them more affordable housing as well as childcare vouchers (because goodness knows they haven't had enough of those).

I don't know if this guy is merely dishonest, or also utterly clueless in the bargain.


Bill is whoring for votes from these scum bags satmar degenerates. He should live in their awesome housing projects in Williamsburg

I have no respect for all these scumbag politicians who tell the degenerates what they want to hear.

Metzia bpeh is just a cover for giving the kid a blow job - oral sex, that these sick degenerates like to do.

Ahronites and zalmites should all go to hell.


After clicking on the video, I get a black screen and words saying it is "private."

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