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September 30, 2013


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horatio –



@ah-pee-chorus @11:19AM:

Is this the same "Rabbi" Dovid Cohen who was the "Pro-Abuse" rabbi at OHEL, who claimed that females over 12 yrs and males over 13 yrs are above the "age of consent" and therefore, that in a relationship with an adult, they are both sinning? Wherever there is shmutz and corruption, "rabbi" Dovid Cohen is at the forefront?

Manuel Ferrara

I am surprised to read that the council is involved in the logistics of food delivery. Where I live the federation has anti poverty program where they simply give participants Safeway's gift certificates.

Some people actually sell the certificate for cash but that another story.


Lets hope they get a replacement soon. This is one very worthy organization that helps many people every day.


i was talking to a veteran of jewish non-profits over the weekend who was devastated when she read about rapfogel. she had met him and heard him speak many times and thought he was so well meaning. i told her that i suspected there was far more going on there than just the insurance scandal. i'm not surprised to read of the latest revelation and i'd bet there are more, some of which will probably never be known.
how low can one go? stealing food donated to the poor and hungry?

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