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September 15, 2013


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"Election records reportedly show she has been registered to vote in Saratoga County – not Orange County where Kiryas Joel is located – since 2008."

I don't know what's more offensive - the fraud or the stupidity. If they're going to cheat, can't they at least familiarize themselves with the law so they can do it effectively and not look like damn fools?

Or are those regulations for goyim as well?

old time brooklyn

jeff - 'goyim' is pretty offensive - akin to nigger


"jeff - 'goyim' is pretty offensive - akin to nigger"

I find myself saying this a lot on this site, today. Here we go, one more time...


old time brooklyn

goyim or nigger?


You're a fucking idiot. Stay away from me.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

Goyim is an offensive term?


Bas Melech

The civil law will catch up to them. Their boldness will be their downfall. What these Satmars due violate Jewish law too. When the religious fail to police themselves, hopefully the newly elected civil officials will.

Pearl Of Wisdom

A new scheme is born every day. Looks like some people have too much time on their hands, I think Goyim is probably not meant asbavtermmof endearment, but it is not as offensive as the 'N"word.

Yochanan Lavie

Depending on context, goyim can simply mean gentiles in a neutral way or it can be like the n word. It literally means "nations" (singular, goy). The Jewish people is also called a goy, a nation. But let's not be naive. When one is speaking English rather than Yiddish or Hebrew it is usually a derogatory word.


Obviously, my original point was that this is how *they* think - the rules of society are for "the goyim", not for them.

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