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September 08, 2013


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The locals should dig the damned body up and ship it to Israel and keep the fuss a domestic issue there. There is nothing unusual in the transfer of the grave of a notable person or a non-notable for that matter.

Yosef ben Matitya

Hasidim Trash Parts Of Uman As Annual Pilgrimage Ends

they can't any better. they have no manners nor any sense of esthetics. trash isn't their middle name, is their collective last name.


Uman was the site of one of the greatest battle victories that the Nazis won when they invaded the Ukraine. The Nazis were so proud of that victory that Hitler himself together with Mussolini visited the town.


The Germans deported the entire Jewish community, murdering some 17,000 Jews,and completely destroyed the Jewish cemetery, were 20,000 Jewish martyrs of the Cossacks were buried following the Haidamak Massacre of Uman of 1768 as well as Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

No doubt the Ukrainians watching the Tashlich service whilst drinking at the bar high above the Uman lake which is built out of Jewish gravestones are wondering whether perhaps the events in Uman in 1941 were a message from God regarding Rabbi Nachman which these strange visitors do not get.


I like the story of those who built a fire in an apartment, without a fireplace, I presume.

Were they hoping to rekindle the burning bush?
And they assumed Hashem would not allow their holy fire to consume the apartment?

Also, I'd like to know which barbecue tradition they used. My innate satirist wonders if it was "rub."


Chabad certainly was a large part of what ruined it for me.

Account Deleted

I see,Jeff.One thing is sure:Chabad will bring the decline if not the end of Judaism and Jewry world-wide with their obscene practices and ideas.


AJS, I had a run-in on The Kvetcher with the young man who recorded that video. He had significant psychiatric issues and took his life not long after.

I suppose it validates my ongoing assertion that this is the type of fringe personality recruited by Chabad over the past few decades. It would be noble if they were doing it to give these people a support system, but that isn't the reason; they do it because they proselytize indiscriminately and are too ignorant and brainwashed to consider the possibility that Chabad may not be right for everyone.

It will be their undoing.

Chicago Sam

Hey, don't knock breast-lovers, Ukraine needs to deny these hooligans' visas. Sending the corpses of B&L Rebbes to St. Peter is a great idea.

Tiera Del Fuego would be a nice place for the corpses--far removed from civilization.


Hard to feel bad for the Ukranians. Let them all have a misa meshune.


+++Talking about grave/idol worship,this video explains clearly how Lubavitchers believe the Rebbe is alive,present in his tomb,able to hear prayers and actually prayed to:

Posted by: Abu Jihad Schneerson | September 08, 2013 at 07:25 PM+++

I have actually been there and done that on three occasions.

Account Deleted

Talking about grave/idol worship,this video explains clearly how Lubavitchers believe the Rebbe is alive,present in his tomb,able to hear prayers and actually prayed to:


I don't get it. Are these idolaters who pretend to be Jews deliberately trying to inflame antisemitism in what is already one of the most antisemitic countries on earth?

The Breslovs are a danger to all Jews, everywhere because they generate antisemtism.

The sooner that their idol (the grave) is moved to Israel (but preferably somewhere else - there should be no idols in Israel), the better.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Hard to imagine how much profit the Ukranians make off of this annual event that they consider it worthwhile to allow these idiots in every year.


Unbelievable. Every year.

And the Ukrainians are idiots for allowing it.

Account Deleted

Shanah tovah to you too,Jancsi!

Account Deleted

How about moving the corpses of the Breslov rebbe and rebbe Schneerson into the Vatican near the tomb of St Peter?
This way Lube-a-bitches and Breast lovers could worship and pray to their buried man-gods along with the other christians.




seymour--One word seymour,shnorr.

Bas Melech

What a chillul HaShem! These hooligans should not be granted visas. If these Bratslavers are biological Jews, they have kleepers somewhere in their DNA.

Account Deleted

Chicago Sam,how about moving the corpses of Rebbe Nachman and Rebbe Schneerson in the Vatican where St Peter is already buried?This would create a beautiful pantheon of buried dead-yet alive demi-gods.It would be great to watch Lubavitchers and Breslovers worship their man-god along with the other Christians.


Seymour,time off from WHAT?They don't do anything all day!

Posted by: Abu Jihad Schneerson | September 08, 2013 at 06:06 PM


(The other) Eli

Money- welfare
Time off- no jobs

Account Deleted

Seymour,time off from WHAT?They don't do anything all day!


what I do not get where do these chassdeim get the money and time off for this trip every year

Alter Kocker

The Ukraine government would be well advised to keep this vermin out of their country. Send the bastards a bill for everything that was damaged. Take it out of their welfare stipends.

Chicago Sam

The Bratzlav crowd do a splendid job in creating anti-Semitism. The Ukraine may want to offer to transfer the body to another country, probably next to the Lubavicther Rebbe's tomb, so the two Rebbes can shmooze in the world beyond about their insane followers.

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