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September 12, 2013


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I said varying degrees of MO...yes including lots of RWMO. My point was these camper's parents are not "cowed" by the Hareidi notion that a Beis Din must decide if a molestation should be reported to secular authorities. (i.e. never)


I have two RWMO friends who send their boys to CDG. They were made aware of the incident and felt it was handled properly. Never had a problem. This isn't the normative haredi coverup situation.


There are some modern orthodox who send their kids there (but as APC says, they are definitely on the RW side of things). I have heard in the past that people go there because it is significantly cheaper than a lot of the more modern camps - so the question is what brainwashing institution is helping fund this to bring people into the black hat fold?


! -

i know kids who go or went there and none of them are MO . they are at a minimum RWMO and bordering on charedi. regarding last question, the camp prob didnt at first try to help him cross border since they hoped nobody would talk and it could be swept under the rug. only after they realized the authorities had been or would be called did they decide their interests would be best protected by having the accused be unavailable. thats my guess.


"Ben-Porat tried to flee to his home country of Canada with the help of the camp,..."
The Canadian border is less than a five hour drive away from the camp. If they were trying to help him flee to Canada they had plenty of time to send a driver (could easily have sent a driver with no idea of the truth of the mission) and take him there based on the timeline above. Doesn't seem they were "trying" very hard. Not that it takes away from everything else but that raises the question of what they were actually trying to do that day... (obviously not trying to call protective services).


Question: Earlier reports on FM only mentioned one victim (and the counselor that walked in on an incident).
The story above implies there were multiple victims. HOW MANY WERE THERE????


SML - the parents who send to this camp are decidedly not Hareidi. Haredis would never send to this camp. The Rabbis and some of the staff are but there is an unspoken understanding that they wont bother the kids regarding those issues where Modern Orthodoxy and Haredism don't meet (mostly everything). I know many parents who sent boys there for the second half (this incident took place during the first month) not because they had to but rather because they were reluctantly (not completely) satisfied with the then public information. You have to remember that many of these boys have been going for years and LOVE the place - I know many of them personally. This type of incident is definitely not reflective of what normally goes on there. These kids are super sophisticated, aware and educated with varying degrees of Modern Orthodox backgrounds - and the parents not likely to be "cowed" by any community. Actually, quite clear from the fact that a parent reported it immediately and that a camper went to support the victim in court (based on FM story). Alex Gold will have a lot of 'xplaining to do if indeed the above is verified...very very interesting. But no - this is not a Hareid camp and the parents are not afraind of Hareidi Rabbis or their communities...


An allegation of this kind would pretty much shut down a secular childrens' camp; it would be ruined. Something of the kind happened in Maine during the 80s when my wife and I were looking at girls' camps for our daughters - the camp was finished under its then-current ownership. Haredi parents are so cowed by their community that they do nothing much; so very sad.

Alter Kocker

The state needs to enact a law stating that if you are a business owner and a felony has taken place in your place of business, it is incumbent on you to report it to the authorities. If, in the event you are found to be obstructing the investigation or anything of that nature, you forfeit the business. The lands, chattels and assets revert to the state to be auctioned off.

That should put a greater fear of the government into the black hearts of the pedophile enablers. A few empty camps or shuls and they might wise up.


"Kenneth Gribetz" <-- equates to the ultimate fall from grace to a cheesy, slime ball attorney whose only clients are haredi child abusers and arsonists, oh, and the occasional porn star gone bad. Oh, where is Gestetner's atatement? I forgot he is too busy on twitter denigrating Shoenberger for every conceivable ill in Rockland, now that he lost the primary and is no longer a contender.


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