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August 22, 2013


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Uman is the luckiest town in the Ukraine. Lots of hard currency come and locals rent out their apartments for US$. Having been to Uman once and rented from one of the few cultured people who also spoke English and had books in his apartment, I think God punished Jews by exiling them to places like Ukrania. My son goes every year. I will ask him if he will go if the idol is there.


"one is Rosh Hashana in Uman and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Hard to choose which one to go"

No contest - gay people respect others' property and clean up after themselves.

Manuel Ferrara

Ukraine is a very anti-Semite country and also has very bad soccer teams. They can make up for their Jew hatred by being Shabbos Goys for the Shabbos after Rosh Hashana.

Zayin, there are two cool fun event in September, one is Rosh Hashana in Uman and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Hard to choose which one to go.


The portraits of Shneerson are creepy. When my girlfriend became a BT, she moved in with 3 other Chabad girls. I counted 10 frames pics of the rebbi in the apartment including a huge pic above each bed. My hubby wanted to know what happened when they married - if the rebbi would watch over the relations.

That being said, when in Rome respect the Romans, who are catholic and have crosses above the grave. You may not like it but you have to respect it. An utter embarrassment to normal jews

(The other) Eli

Chabad can't make a statue of Shneerson. Don't you know it's rude to make memorial statues of living people? What if he doesn't like it? Then he'll take even longer to return.
Plus, it's against halachah to make graven images of gods. Especially one as holy as the Rebbe. That's why they use photos instead....or maybe it's because they're too cheap to pay for artists and sculptors


"It is ONLY a matter of time before the Charedim start making statues of their Holy dead guys. I predict Chabad will be first."

They already have portraits.

Posted by: Jeff | August 22, 2013 at 06:59 PM

I have even seen Rebbe portraits in Chabad shuls - in full view of the people davening there.


"It is ONLY a matter of time before the Charedim start making statues of their Holy dead guys. I predict Chabad will be first."

They already have portraits.


It is ONLY a matter of time before the Charedim start making statues of their Holy dead guys. I predict Chabad will be first.


maybe if he would help find the perpetrator who desecrated the cross he might get some action.

did he even condemn that action?



thanks for that. the HBO doc on them was good.
its ironic that someone decided its Ok to show her cutting down a religious symbol sacred to billions but not her breasts. that would be too offensive.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

And get blamed for crucifying him a second time.

(Thank God the Pussy Riot protester had on goggles).

Yosef ben Matitya

Barry | August 22, 2013 at 01:16 PM

The Pussy Riot clip is cute. Of course the young lady is prettier than any of all rabbis I know.
A couple of remarks however. The clip seems to be a Russian affair.
Although the maiden with the chainsaw could be jailed, and although she seems totally atheistic, she is not semitic and her and her relatives do not run the risk of being exterminated (even if she did what she did in Ukraine i/o Russia).


they should just explain to the ukrainians that the god they (breslovers et al) worship is so jealous and petty that he wont listen to their prayers if theres a geometric shape nearby with 2 perpendicular lines. i'm sure they'll understand. religiously deluded folks tend to be quite reasonable and accomodating...cough cough.

or they can explain that their imaginary sky friend can beat up jesus. this whole thing is like 2 groups fighting over whether a batman mask must be removed before one can properly worship superman.

old time brooklyn

Maybe the Jesus statue will serve as inspiration for their rebbe to come back and challenge Schneerson for the moshiach job.

reminds me of the celebrity boxing match with Tanya harding and paula jones (original choice was amy fisher - a nice jewish girl from li) I thought it was a promo for Saturday night live. great match - dueling messiahs, deliverance on mandolin and squeeze box and st peterrefs


These Chassidim clearly don't have the balls of these Ukrainians. (Do not watch if offended by the use of machinery without using proper protective kit)


Hello I'm Zayin, but call me Dick

Allow me to preface by saying that I despise Hassidim. Their morals, values, scent, business ethics and a host of other items.

Regarding this Uman business, allow me to clarify some things. This Rabbi should not be blamed for his PR attempt. He is chief Rabbi of Ukraine and is bored most of the year. He's chief rabbi of a literal shit-hole. The one time a year when people may listen to what he has to say is Jewish New Year time when throngs of disturbed individuals gather in Uman. Uman is a hot topic now for its news content. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from this rabbi.

I don't understand why a cross erected atop a hill overlooking the tashlich ritual should be cause for a relocation. The cross was erected three or four months ago. Why no hoopla then? They had ample time to sort things out.

From where the rabbi is buried, one cannot see the cross. In fact, it's about a ten minute to get to where the cross is standing. A five minute walk to even be able to see the cross. Many of these clowns wear a necklace with the letter of a dead rabbi called the "na nach" letter and they have issue with a cross?! As mister rosenberg is fond of saying... puhleeeeze!!!

Breslov is a disjointed hassidus and one in which disarray is a way of life. I've been attending the rosh hashana festivities for many year and know all in's and outs of what goes on. I admit that i attend as an escape from reality and the boring shuls in the states. I'm not married and see this as a form of vacation. It's fun. I encourage others to check it out in the same way i'd recommend watching a movie or attending a specific festival.

This is my first post in about two years and want to tell all the regulars here that i really enjoy your comments and witty banter. It's great reading and food for thought.


Maybe the Jesus statue will serve as inspiration for their rebbe to come back and challenge Schneerson for the moshiach job.


Ukraine is about a beetle's dick away from pogroms, especially against the Breslovers. Ukraine is a Christian country. What the hell is he hoping to accomplish?

Gevezener Chusid

Oy vey, Mommy. The goyim are picking on us again.

(The other) Eli

He's right. How dare Ukrainians erect a statue which imposes on the sensitivity of pilgrims? Especially a statue of someone who actually tried to emphasize the moral values of Judaism, something which these buffoons ignore altogether

Yochanan Lavie

"Don't insult our dead messiah by honoring your dead messiah."

old time brooklyn

these guys are really setting themselves up for a serious ass whoopin'


Perhaps if they actually behaved in a decent manner in Uman the locals might be more willing to negotiate a solution. More than likely, this statue was erected in response to the bad behavior of the Chassidim and their attempts to claim ownership of the town.

Really, the body of their Rebbe (and the surrounding block of earth) should be excavated and relocated to Israel. Their are Halachic leniences which allow this and it was done when the Gush Kativ Jews were ethnically cleansed from Gaza and graves were relocated.

Don't the Chassidim realise that the Ukrainian peasants are even more backward and primitive than they are and their constant bad behavior is setting the scene for a major pogrom?

Bas Melech

If these lunatics continue to disrespect their host Ukrainians, soon they'll be refused entry to the country.


do they want the whole world to comply to them they are really starting to piss everybody off in Israel the USA and now the Ukraine.

Account Deleted

Would the Rabbi think he would look better on that cross?

Account Deleted

Oh My. What an ass.

Yosef ben Matitya

they didn't erect the statue in a shul, did they?
are these morons paving the way to the first pogrom in the 21st century?

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