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August 19, 2013


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Doesn't the Torah that Charedim so vehemently study teaches that we shall work for 6 days and rest one? I don't remember it saying..."thou shall study Torah for 6 days and rest one"


"When I write these same ideas about welfare in the US, I am branded a racist, and an extreme right winger nut."

The difference is that when you say it, you invariably throw in something along the lines of, "Obama invented cancer!"


The toreh for hAreidim is a tool with which to suck the land dry,like a parasite leeching of its host,they use the learning of toreh to perpetuate their agenda of loafing and getting a free ride on this planet,to shamelessly use the toreh and claim that they are entitled to all the monies that working people get is the ultimate untoradig.


+++Are there any other groups comparable to Haredi Jews who as a matter or principle mostly don't work, instead studying or meditating or whatever?+++
Posted by: S M L | August 19, 2013 at 01:40 PM

There are certainly welfare-dependent groups in various Western countries with generous welfare systems that are not INCLINED to work, but I am unaware of any cultural sub-group that does not work on principle and claim their non-working is somehow protecting the country.


What there is not in the US that I've ever heard of other than, sickeningly, among certain Jews is an entire religious movement that espouses living off welfare while endlessly studying the Bible (or whatever scripture) and concurrently asserting that their continued study is what's protecting the country. If there is some such group it's tiny as a proportion of the overall population, not a percentage of it that's in double digits anywhere but in a few counties of New York State.

Are there any other groups comparable to Haredi Jews who as a matter or principle mostly don't work, instead studying or meditating or whatever? The closest in overall outlook and insularity to the Haredim are Old Order Amish however they're models of industriousness and self-reliance. I'm not thinking here of a couple dozen or even a couple of hundred characters off in the woods somewhere - I'm thinking in terms of some sizable sect. Anyone know?

R Nash


Welfare is the gift that keeps on giving. I would have to seriously call you out on a statement that welfare abuse in the US is less prolific than in Israel. There are many proud generations of Americans who collect for life and their children as well.


Posted by: Lubavitchers are Christians | August 19, 2013 at 10:53 AM

the difference may be one is looking for work and the other refuses to look for work

Lubavitchers are Christians

"It has been proven again and again, over many, many years, that the child allowances do not take people out of poverty; instead, they only perpetuate poverty. Only one thing allows families to rise above poverty: work. In families where both parents work, poverty sinks to below 5 percent. That is the meaning of parental responsibility. It’s also the meaning of social responsibility."

~~~~Yair Lapid

When I write these same ideas about welfare in the US, I am branded a racist, and an extreme right winger nut.

When Newt Gingrich said this about food stamps in the US, he was branded a racist.

Which shows, once again, the hypocrisy of leftists. They admire Yair Lapid when saying the obvious -- but only when he's saying it about haredim. If Yair Lapid were to say it about welfare recipients, he would be branded a racist, an Obama hater, an extreme right winger, etc.

Why are leftists so hypocritical?

R Nash

Why is it that we find repeated that the same people who support this type of political attitude in Israel when applied to Haredim oppose precisely the same policy in the United States when applied to "entitlement" recipients, regardless of ethnicity. Why is it that the people who support welfare reform in the US, regardless of ethnicity are "racists" to the same people who staunchly support the policy in Israel when openly and un-apologetically applied to a particular ethnic group?

For the record, I support welfare reform in the US, along the lines of what President Clinton and SOH Gingrich pushed, along with training for welfare recipients to support life off of welfare. I support the same programs for Haredim in Israel along with all welfare recipients, and regularly criticize the abysmal Haredi leadership that supports a welfare culture for its young people. Institutional Socialism has not a blessing for the poor in either country group, as Lapid says so clearly here.

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