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August 20, 2013

In Israel, Haredi Crime Pays

Haredim throw stones at police Mea Shearim July 2011 (2)Haredi rioters who threw glass bottles, stones and metal rebar at police, injuring at least one officer, will get off with slaps on the wrist in a terrible plea deal made by state prosecutors despite police requests that the deals not be made. A riot in Mea Shearim last month was sparked when a hapless haredi soldier who went to the neighborhood to visit family was physically attacked by haredi thugs upset that he came in uniform. When police came to rescue the soldier, the haredim attacked them. The most violent of those haredim will now essentially walk free.

Haredim throw stones at police Mea Shearim July 2011 (2)

Ynet reports on the plea deal made by the government's often inept prosecutors:

The State Prosecutor's Office quashed the majority of charges against Joseph Brown and Jacob Krichevsky who attacked police officers as they tried to rescue a haredi soldier in the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. Original charges included aggravated assault of a police officer, disturbing a police officer in the line of duty and rioting.

The two recently admitted to rioting under a revised indictment. Charges relating to the hurling of stones, iron bars and empty glass bottles as well as spitting at officers, were dropped. The revised indictment comes a month after charges were first brought against the two men.

Officials at the Jerusalem Police were hardly pleased with the State's decision to withdraw the more serious charges, even as officers testified to clearly detecting the defendants assaulting their fellow policemen.

According depositions taken at the scene, two officers testified to seeing Brown lifting objects and throwing them at policemen.

Another officer said Krichevsky was hurling stones and glass bottles at police officers. According to the officer, Krichevsky became unruly as he was being detained and kicked and spat on the officers.…

With the arrival of the police, the indictment said, many people had started to congregate, among them the two defendants, who threw rocks, iron bars, chairs and buckets of water at the police officers.

Two policemen grabbed the defendant and told him he was under arrest, but he tried to evade them. On the way to the police cruiser, Brown asked friends to help him escape the police, and he even tried to escape himself by grabbing the hands of his friends.

Krichevsky, according to the indictment, threw stones, pieces of metal and glass bottles at police who were working at the scene. Some of the stones and bars hit police officer Gal Attia, who had approached the defendant's direction. Two police officers arrested him and then he became even more agitated, kicked at officers, and spit on them.

These two thugs will get house arrest or a few months in a prison yeshiva unit at most. They might even get off with a promise not to do it again.



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Israel must put an end to this preferential treatment of Haredi rioters. Enough is enough! There must be one law for all.

A question worth answering or trying to is: where's the tipping point? At what point does Israel descend into something close to anarchy and how much of that sort of thing will it take for the moderates to rise en masse against the Haredim?

What is going to happen is that ordinary citizens will take matters into their own hands. They will, if matters continue as they are, use force whenever they witness Haredi wrongdoing. Soldiers are another matter. If the handcuffs are removed by chain of command, I can see a number of Haredim reporting to emergency rooms with missing teeth, blackened eyes, broken bones and ruptured testicles.

"Officials at the Jerusalem Police were hardly pleased with the State's decision to withdraw the more serious charges, even as officers testified to clearly detecting the defendants assaulting their fellow policemen"

Uh huh. Meanwhile, when men of this ilk threw chairs at Women of the Wall, the police took their orders from Rabbi Rabinovitch and stood by and did nothing - for *years* - but when these big, strong men become the target of such assaults, *all of a sudden* it's a big deal.

I don't care for anyone on either side of this situation.

The residents of Mea Shearim and followers of the Eidah Chareidis KNOW without a doubt that riots produce results in their favor. Nothing new. It has occurred forever.

Now is the upcoming Yom Tov tourist season. Mea Shearim and Geulah are popular tourist spots. Arrests elicit demonstrations.

Th police will retaliate with greater force, sometimes uncalled for. Unfortunately, a mafia type committee rules the chareidim.

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