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August 20, 2013

High Court Offers Temporary Compromise On Haredi Draft

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelIsrael’s High Court of Justice has offered a short-term compromise on the haredi draft that, if accepted, will see haredim postponing their now-mandatory military service for what could be months – or could be years.

Haredi man walking past soldiers at Kotel

High Court Offers Temporary Compromise On Haredi Draft
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Israel’s High Court of Justice has offered a short-term compromise on the haredi draft that, if accepted, will see haredim postponing their now-mandatory military service for what could be months – or could be years.

After hearing a complaint today from the religious freedom advocacy organization Hiddush, which filed suit after the IDF – on the orders of the Likud Party member (and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ally) Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon –  the High Court decided to allow hundreds of haredim who were drafted and who must by law report to IDF induction centers this month to delay their now-mandatory IDF service if the complainants agree, Arutz Sheva reported.

Eighteen months ago, the High Court struck down a law that allowed haredi full-time yeshiva students to indefinitely defer military service, noting that the draft must be equally applied. University students and Zionist-Orthodox yeshiva students all must serve in the IDF and cannot use their studies to defer their military service.

Even so, haredim have not been drafted, mostly due to a series of stalling tactics employed by Netanyahu, who is desperately trying to appease his haredi allies and prevent them from forming a government with the opposition after the next election.

Hiddush sued to require the haredim who have already received draft notices to actually serve in the IDF.

The nine High Court justices who heard the case proposed a compromise: The enlistment of those haredim will be deferred as the government wants, but that delay will not count as part of their military service, which means they will have to serve a full 3-year hitch on the IDF later when they actually are inducted.

“We’re worried that the real meaning of this proposal is not compromise, but a delay until the Knesset passes the Perry law [(the new draft law), which] as the public is beginning to understand, is a law with no equality in the sharing of the [defense] burden,” Deputy Director-General of Hiddush Shachar Ilan reportedly said.

The government’s proposed draft bill delays all haredi mandatory military service for several years, and has built-in perks and other accommodations that ensure haredim, if they ever are drafted and inducted, will have a brief and relatively pain-free IDF experience while regular Israelis serve much longer and far more demanding stints in the military. It also exempts 1,800 young haredi “scholars” from the draft entirely – a perk not given to any Zionist Orthodox or secular students no matter how bright they may be.

The Movement for Quality Government also expressed outrage at Ya'alon and Likud.

“Once again, we are witness to the fact that the Minister of Defense is refusing to fulfill the explicit instructions of the law and of ethical [conduct] that obligates the prevention of discrimination between one person and another, and [is not] drafting those who are obligated to enlist.

“Once again the Movement for Quality Government, and the entire Israeli public, is facing an unbearable injury to the values of democracy upon which the State of Israel rests, including the principles of the rule of law, equality, and the separation of powers, as the Minister of Defense allows himself the freedom once again to take decisions that he is not authorized to make,” it reportedly said in a statement.


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Israel needs to stop making concessions to these parasites.

On the other hand, as I have said before, the Charedim should NOT do military service as they are too much trouble for the IDF to mananage with all their special requirements which mostly have nothing to do with Halacha. An additional consideration is that we can see that the Charedim are becoming more radical, more violent and more dangerous. We don't want to see them use military skills to promote their radical cause and the absolute last thing we want to hear is "Baruch Hashem" before a Charedi suicide bomber blows up.

They DO NEED to do some type of community service which is much harder, more unpleasant and of much longer duration than military service would be. If an individual Charedi wants to reform and work (as required by Torah) then he could agree to be educated and do less or no community service as long as he agrees to use his new-found education for work purposes.

+++"rabbinic students no less"
Posted by: Norman | August 20, 2013 at 07:11 PM+++

Most of them are not genuine students, let alone rabbinical students and most of them are certainly not genuine scholars. They are mostly time-wasters who don't even attend yeshivah or kollel full time, even though they are meant to. No one would have any problem supporting a few hundred GENUINE scholars to learn and maintain the traditions and engage in deep scholarship but to have hundreds of thousands on the public purse is ridiculous.

If israel can make consessions to the arabs all day and night, than what is wrong with making a few consessions for the frumme??

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