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August 18, 2013


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Manuel Ferrara

Rabbi Sternbach is the odd man out of the badatz, from his refusing to have his wife covering her head when he joined the badatz ( she was wearing a shaitel) to the times that he, Shmarya and UOJ brought down Tropper the Shtuper.

He is reasonable and moderate compared to other lunatics of the Badatz but to call him a good man is way out of line....


No, Jake, it is not.

Perhaps if you used your head – something you rarely do – and looked, you'd see that.


Your information is years old.


Jake –

He did NOT rule that if you suspect abuse, you should call police.

I exposed Sternbuch's BS years ago.


As Eidah Charedeit Rabbis go R Sternbuch is a good guy.

He has clearly ruled that if a parent suspects that a child has been abused the parent must go directly to the authorities.

Don't ask your rabbi, don't go to a Beit din, but go straight to the police or social services etc. this applies in Israel or the US.


+++esher Koach to the Rabbis who have courage to speak publicly against the thugs, putting themselves and families at risk for violent attacks.

Posted by: Bas Melech+++

i wouldnt go that far. they are part of the leadership of the group which is itself extreme , terroristic and violent. they arent speaking out now due to their courage but out of abject fear. the lawless monsters they helped create are becoming uncontrollable. its more like the owner of a pitbull that has trained his dog to be highly aggressive and now the dog has begun to snarl and snap even at him. so he raises his hand at the dog to try to show him he's still the master. no kudos are deserved.
i didnt hear a peep out of any of them until one of their own was threatened.


Tough guys - harassing greybeards. A person could recruit a dozen kids on any street corner in Brooklyn outside the Orthodox and Haredi areas who could go over there with baseball bats and clean up the lot of these Asra a-holes and all the others in very short order. Would be a mitzvah to do it, too.

Bas Melech

Good points.
These thugs are thugs are righteous in their eyes only.
Yesher Koach to the Rabbis who have courage to speak publicly against the thugs, putting themselves and families at risk for violent attacks.



good point.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

As I have said before....savages. And now they are turning on each other. What do their leaders expect?

You raise people to respect NO authority; you teach them that violence is how to settle disputes...and then you are surprised when they turn on the sect/leaders that raised them to live like this?

Savages. Unfit to live in ANY civilized society.

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