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August 20, 2013


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(The other) Eli

Maybe we will be fortunate enough for the Haredim to just destroy each other.


Ed –

Again, your idiocy is showing.

He tried to enter the courtyard but was unable to do so. The armed man then shouted, scaring off the Asra Kadisha thugs. That's when Sternbuch was able to enter, and call a cab.

Now toddle off, little man.

Bas Melech

You are right. The Israel police tend to regard fighting between factors as domestic violence and rarely interfere.


Shmarya, are you losing it?

How did "he entered the yard of a Toldot Aharon Chassid" (from your own link) become: "as he tried unsuccessfully to enter the courtyard of a Toldot Aharon hasid?"


"At one point, he entered the yard of a Toldot Aharon Chassid who lives in the neighborhood. Before he entered, more fanatics threw his hat in the air, and trash cans and diapers began flying."



Soon we will see self flagelation among the fanatics they will start beating themselfs to a bloody pulp.

Alter Kocker

First of all, these pieces of porcine feces aren't in this for grave desecration. They are in this because Sternbach did not make a payoff to them. That being said, Israel's police force are a laughingstock. These pig-people aka Haredim know they can do their dirt with relative impunity because the police take a hands-off view of them. Therefore, as Sternbach is a charter member of this club along with the c-cksuckers who attacked him, he should protect himself with a weapon. Putting a bullet between the eyes of one of these pig-people will likely not be a crime according to the Israeli police. Therefore no harm, no foul. Sternbach will not be labelled a moser and the people of Israel may be free of this steaming pile of pig droppings for awhile.


will the son report and file charges against these thugs and be accused of being a mosur?

Bas Melech

Only in the case of mamzers are children guilty or guilty of parents' behavior.

These thugs actions indicate that they do not follow the Torah. Their behavior indicates their lineage comes from the erv rav.


"....dirty diapers...."

Hey, better dirty diapers than dirty (mixed) dancing, right?


"Others threw trash cans and dirty diapers"

And there you go...


Too bad the bystander didn't shoot the thugs. That would give the rest of their crew something to chew on.

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