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August 18, 2013


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"...the Haredim had one candidate and the non-Haredim many candidates. ..."

Right. Perfect example. This will go on until the level of outrage against Haredim rises to such a level that it transcends (if that's the right term) the barriers between the various non-Haredi constituencies and elicits an overwhelming response which stands a good chance of being violent and ugly and destructive to the state of Israel.

Alter Kocker

It is not narcissism. It is purely ignorance and immaturity. It is time for the Israeli government to stop pandering to these neanderthals and send them a message that they are not in charge. First, de-legitimize all parties in government that are religiously based. All Israel has to do is look around them at countries falling apart due to mixtures of religion and politics. Second, No official state religion. That de-legitimizes the state rabbinate. Third, there is no Tal Law anymore. They all go into the military. If a yeshiva tells them not to join, then fine. Clear it and bulldoze it to the ground. Arrest the Rosh Yeshiva. They protest, then hit them with water cannons. Violence? Show them what violence begets. This is civil war! These are men with the social development of an eight year old. They throw tantrums. They want it all, without having to do anything for it. They will crash the country and they will be the first to scream out to hashem when the arabs overrun the borders and open an bunch of brand new gas chambers and ovens.


Incredible. It's antisemitism. We're all jealous of them. It's always someone else's fault.

I've never seen such collective, institutional narcissism. They're operating at the developmental level of adolescents.

The two previous comments are absolutely correct; Israel is reaping what is has sown, and the secular, liberal and Modern Orthodox Israelis have no one to blame but themselves.

Manuel Ferrara

Abutbul does not like Benet because Benet tries to unite the Zionist block around one candidate and actually got his own candidate to leave the rest.

The reason Beth Shemesh has a Haredi Mayor is not because the haredim have majority (they do not, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beit_Shemesh#Demographics)
it is because the Haradim had one candidate and the non-Haredim many candidates. If Abutbul wins re-election the non-Haredi population will have no one to blame but themselves.


..and the central Israeli government does nothing....

Israel continues to reap what it has allowed to be sown.

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