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August 02, 2013


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Appropriate for the Gutter man.

Why no ail time?

Bas Melech

Aw shucks! Why didn't I know about this dude before?! Did he take medical assistance! Did he require woman to go to the mikvah before the appointment?

Does anybody know if he's better endowed than Anthony?

R Nash


She says that he was doctor. However, the article implies he is a chiropractor. Doctor is to Palmerian chiropractor as astronomer is to astrologer.

Chicago Sam

Sounds like he might be a friend of Mayor Filner and Weiner, not to mention our good old friend, Bill Clinton.


(Yeshiva University is still on his LI profile:)

New York Chiropractic College

D.C., Chiropractic
2006 – 2009

The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy

A.A., Massage Therapy

Yeshiva University


a misdemeanor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man I went to Reishit with this guy! GUTTERBALLS FTW!!!!

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