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August 20, 2013


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Yosef ben Matitya

גאָט לאַכט.
Indeed, God must be laughing. After they invalidated many conversions, their own beit din is being invalidated!


only by you is the "nemuni" eida chareidis.. THE Eidas Hachareidis.
to me they are nothing more than a bunch of scum, who have some extra dollars to spend at the printers.
I'm sure it is us here in the US that fund these schnorrers


Iff Sternbuch doesn't recant he'll be sleeping with the gefilte fishes before long....


That however is not simple and it will require the Gathering of the Families.

"I don't want it near the schools; I don't want it sold to children. That's an infamia."

Heh! They could have been talking about frumkeit!

Manuel Ferrara

The pashkevil is not signed by any official body. 'Ne'emaney Eida Haredis' can be anybody.

Walla reported last week that if rabbi Sternbuch does not back out he will be removed.

That however is not simple and it will require the Gathering of the Families.

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