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August 20, 2013


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My You g Israel Rabbi makes over $ 150 for a synagogue with less than 600 families. Life time contract They have offered him more but he won't take it this decade.

The Rabbi of Gan Yavne has a big job he has a Nuclear reactor in his community. A lot of chametz to burn on Pessach.


LOL, let them be otherwise they'll come to Amerika, and get food stamps, etc.


RWisler: It was Gan Dafna.


Too bad Paul Newman isn't there to protect them (as he protected the children's settlement "Gan Yavneh" in the movie "Exodus").


Well the Rabbis do have to set an example to their followers don't they? The "Rabbis" need to show that they don't work as an example to their followers who don't work. If they Rabbis worked then chas v'shalom, their followers might be expected to work as well.


500,000 NIS is about $140,000 US. Nice work if you can get it. If Israel had to pay for its own defense without US subsidies, it might think twice about these ridiculous rabbinical subsidies, as well as its other religious subsidies to Haredi "scholars". Where are the Republicans when all of this waste, fraud and abuse is going on? Not a peep out of Senator Lindsay Graham.


I think the state of Israel must stop paying rabbis' salaries, pronto. Let their communities pay them what they are worth. It is time to end this infernal corruption. At a time when more and more Israeli families are struggling to make ends meet this kind of largesse is nauseating.

Steven W

To quote the great scholar and commentator, Michayel Roykovitsky, author of Balabus: Ubi est mea?


How can they marry people if nobody meets their stringent standards, i.e. prove you've been Haredi centuries before Haredis were invented?

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