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August 11, 2013


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"There have been physical clashes between the two groups in Israel, including one incident involving gunfire, leading to several arrests."

Trying to get my head around the image and concept of a Hasid with flapping greatcoat and swinging peyot firing a gun at another Hasid. Maybe there's a business opportunity in making Kevlar vests with tzitzit attached. Can't make this stuff up..

Account Deleted

I am happy!Maybe this fool will realize,not being able to go and worship a tomb/idol,that Hashem is the one to worship without intermediaries and you do not have to travel to the tomb of a DEAD tzaddik in order to connect with Him!


This is a direct result of extremism vis-à-vis the sexual asceticism peddled in kabbalistic texts. If the Jewish people were to return to the earthy, practical, not-indulgent-yet-positive attitude towards sex of previous generations we'd see far fewer of these aberrations.


Sarek -The rebbes name was der alter narisher rebbe.


Which ancient rabbi was it that proclaimed that the mitzvah of hiding out from prosecution overrides the mitzvah of making a pilgrimage to honor someone?


Theese rebbes are deranged animals,never were normal all that toireh learning did was mixed them up even more.

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