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July 02, 2013

Video: Town Of Monroe, NY Council Member Implies Jewish Critic Of Satmar Village Is Antisemitic

Monroe Town Councilman Gerry McQuadeAt the June 3, 2013 Town of Monroe board meeting, a Jewish resident attacks the town's support for the disputed Kiryas Joel pipeline and rejects the notion that his opposition to coddling Kiryas Joel – which proceded with the pipeline despite lacking the all the required governmental and environmental permissions – is an antisemite. Town Councilman Gerry McQuade (pictured at right) responds by implying the man is, in fact, antisemitic.

The exchange runs from about 1:18:45 to 1:24:40:


[Hat Tip: Rebecca Ross.]


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But of course. If you don't give us everything we want and treat us like your Lords and Masters you're oppressing us

It would be interesting if one dark night that pipeline was suddenly say removed and placed in the town square.

to be completely fair, there is nothing semitic in either of the 2 parties in the dispute!

WHY must McQuade GO THERE when someone is making a point? HE in fact is creating a divide between KJ and the residents of Monroe. I hope that the good people of KJ can see that. PLEASE help stop this craziness by the board!! Whenever someone opposes anything that has to do with KJ, the Town board calls them antisemits, I agree with Yosef 100%. We need to co exist and get along but the board wants to divide us.

In fact, Doles and McQuade both live to create this divide between us. Shame on them for doing so.

Gerry McQuade is a disgrace to the office he holds. He will never pass an opportunity to try to pit one group against another whether it's the citizens of Kiryas Joel and other residents of Monroe, or citizens of the town of Monroe against the village of Monroe. Harley Doles is from the same mold.
Both of them will do or say whatever they need to say to whomever in order to further their political goals. They do not care about all of Monroe's citizens.

McQuade looks to be re-elected, and KJ has the votes. If you want to get rid of him, mount a thwacking good campaign against him and get your votes out.

Monroe town board - Best little whore e house in range County - I have property near KJ and I have seen lots. Many decent people but the way they do business leave much to be desired. They play the anti-semiteism card automatically.

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