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July 30, 2013


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put a square into a hole

Way to go!!!!!!! THANK You.


Sorry, but hitting such a friggin animal who has raped hundreds of kids with his hat is not attacking him. (Ooh, they pushed him over too.) When I see a few baseball bats involved, a few broken bones and him fleeing back to the safety of NY then you can call it being attacked.


And if re-offends in Nachlaot then whose head will it be on? Take him for a ride and drop him off inside the US consulate.


I've asked this before - what does a Haredi psychologist *do*? Tell you to recite tehillim?


Not even close to justice. Someone pulled off his hat and pushed him down. Justice would have taken a lot longer and involved a lot more broken limbs and vertebrae.


The Jerusalem Post reported the New York Police Department has issued wanted posters featuring a photo of the bearded, bespectacled, black-clad Mondrowitz, saying he is sought for numerous sexual abuses in Brooklyn.
Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afaraid to ask:

Mondrowitz, in Jerusalem with his family, denied the charges.

''In my life, I have never raped children. I am a healthy man in body and spirit,'' he told the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Mondrowitz moved to Israel from New York two years ago with his wife and seven children.


> "One reason for that failure may be the fact that the Jews raped by Mondrowitz did make police complaints, but the non-Jews did."

I think you meant to write, "...the Jews raped by Mondrowitz did NOT make police complaints..."


No baseball bats are necessary. Gelding him is what's needed - this one and the others like him. Pederasts are the lowest of the low. The utter dregs of humanity. An alternative would be to carve "RAPIST" into his forehead. It's a good technique; there's a nice demo of its use in the movie "Inglourious Basterds". Or - do both.


what does a Haredi psychologist *do*? Tell you to recite tehillim?

Yes, to ask forgiveness-- for believing that goyishe psychology could help with Jewish problems in living, and for a referral to a rebbe-- as in our Rebbe.


In line with Shmarya's newfound policy of condemning illegal acts and vigilantism, FM will be posting an op-ed attacking both the abuser of an alleged predator (not convicted) and the videographer for being anonymous.

Shmarya - protecter of pedophiles. Let the name calling begin!

Alter Kocker

Its a shame the attacker couldn't find a handy 2x4. I'm sure Mondrowitz really doesn't need those pesky testicles anymore.

put a square into a hole


YES a baseball bat should have been used. Mabey just mabey he would have felt what it feels like to be raper in your tuches.

He is very lucky this didn't happen in australia

Account Deleted

Why does Israel not deport him to the U.S.?


Google him on this site and you can read many posts about him and about the extradition attempts that Israel blocked.

Account Deleted

Thanks,Shemaryah;I'll do it.Btw,here they say the guy who appears in this video was beaten up very seriously only hours after this video was taken:


One anonymous person says he was beaten up so it has to be true. I say he wasn't beaten up. So there.

Fester Foont

Mondrowitz scurries like a despicable rat, a stinking vermin. I wish the guy who pursued him had stepped on his disgusting, bearded face.

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