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July 05, 2013


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Like your name........
Your translation is correct.
Strange how many people commenting on this statement were totally clueless.
Alas I am always amazed by the cluelessness.



Thanks for posting the truth and letting Ettinger know.

I often see strange things in the various translated papers, scratch my head and look it up.in Hebrew.

Many people just don't understand that colloquial Hebrew is a spicey amusing language. And when translating you have to understand that you just can't translate literally.

And if Elyahu said ישברו את הראש ,״, " they should break their heads" the idiots would think it was meant literally.

Wonder if the quoted mistranslation will remain as part of the story.


I see that the attack on Avraham Yosef has already started:



As I pointed out in my Blog, Rav Eliyahu cetrainly did not say to smash in their heads...the mistake is from Ha'aretz translators not knowing any Hebrew. The phrase לטחון את הראש while literally meaning grind their heads, in spoken Hebrew means to annoy someone.
After I pointed out the mistake to Yair Ettinger on Twitter, he immediately corrected the Ha'aretz English article.



"Smash their heads" is a "Lord of the Flies" type expression. This clown is as savage and animalistic as the worst of the characters in that novel.


There were originally 4 viable candidates for Sephardic Chief Rabbi:

1. Amar
2. Eliyahu
3. Avraha, Yosef
4. Yehuda Deer

Habayit Hayehudi originally made a deal to have Shas support Stav in exchange for supporitng a second term for Amar.
Aryeh Deri broke up the deal by villifying Stav. In reality, Deri just wanted to get Amar out of the race.

Most of Habayit Hayehudi then shifted support to Eliyahu. Now we have the media fed information tarnishing Eliyahu.

That leaves Yosef and Deri.

I predict that we will soon hear some "shocking revelations" about Yosef and lo and behold Deri's brother will be elected Sefardic Chief Rabbi.

I suspect that the media is being played by Deri and his supporters.


""Smash their heads" can be written off as the usual hyperbole"

Right up there with "toten Juden" and "Death to Israel". Got it.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

""Smash their heads" can be written off as the usual hyperbole.................."

No, no it cannot. In the face of increasing violence it cannot be written off at all, and should be prosecuted

Yochanan Lavie

Imagine if a secular leader said of the religious: "Deprogram their children! Smash their heads in!"

R Nash

"Smash their heads" can be written off as the usual hyperbole, like "break his teeth" in the hagadah. However, "do kiruv on them" shows a complete disconnect and dangerous attitude, as if, were we to just show them our religion, they would abandon Judaism and see the light of Haredism, albeit with Sephardi style spices. Just "do kiruv on them", which automatically will take their children away from them by the sheer overwhelming logic of it, the goal of any good cult, and the antithesis of Judaism and its well known fifth commandment. Perhaps a focus on real education among religious Jews can counter the Haredi missionaries, but the moribund and misguided Jewish leadership has not been up to the task.

You think I am just a troll? The late Rabbi Eliyahu presided at my bar mitzvah, some xxxx (i.e. very many) years ago, and he was very much a gentleman and role model. His subsequent actions and directions are very disturbing to me.

Yosef ben Matitya

further, thinking of R' Stav supposedly representing the MO's most MO's don't want him. So who will he represent if he wins?Sad? indeed sad.


Imagine the chief rabbi, the man to be the supreme judge of our religion, proclaiming “Take revenge! Avenge the secularists who have brought this disaster upon us. Avenge the evil associated with this folly. Return them to the bosom of religion, attack them, smash in their heads. Restore them and their children to the faith. Do this wisely, with sensitivity and determination.”

Stay classy, R. Eliyahu.

p.s. I enjoy the juxtaposition of "...smash in their heads..." with "...do this wisely with sensitivity...

Yosef ben Matitya

....."were summarily removed without notice or explanation from the Zionist Orthodox news website Kipa this week after those remarks"?!.....

they posted on their site , they took off, all that goes to indicate that the majority of the dati leumi,(read MO) isn't any better than this rosho son of a rosho.


This is all a side show. Eliyahu has no chance.

The whole process is being manipulated by Aryeh Deri to get his brother installed as Chief Rabbi.


imagine going to him for advice...because he's a rabbi.
and fully respecting the fact that he's a rabbi.
and not knowing that he said these things and not knowing his thoughts are not good if one if not religious. just jewish is not enough. wow.

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