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July 03, 2013

Corruption? "Sham" Member Of Haredi Proxy Slate For Scandal-Plagued East Ramapo School Board Misses Swearing-In Ceremony, Hides From Media

Question markMaraLuz Corado ran for a position on the scandal-plagued haredi-controlled East Ramapo school board on the pro-haredi "proxy" slate made up of three non-Jews, one of whom who had an exceedingly brief tenure on the county's planning board – one meeting, in fact – where he voted for a controversial haredi project allegedly without studying the data about it and then abruptly resigned. But Corado's story is even more suspect. Here's why.


MaraLuz Corado, an Evangelical Christian, ran for a position on the scandal-plagued haredi-controlled East Ramapo school board on the pro-haredi "proxy" slate made up of three non-Jews, one of whom who had an exceedingly brief tenure on the county's planning board – one meeting, in fact – where he voted for a controversial haredi project allegedly without studying the data about it and then abruptly resigned. But Corado's story is even more suspect, as was reported last month:

• Corado registered to vote in Ramapo just five days before the school board election.

• The address she used when registering to vote, the same address she put on her candidate's petition, is 89 W. Maple Avenue.

• 89 W. Maple Avenue is the address of the Community Synagogue of Monsey. It has no visable residential entrance. Property tax exemption documents clearly state that the building can only be used as a house of worship.

• A member of the synagogue told Newsday that someone with a "Spanish" name was the "super" (caretaker) of the synagogue. Inside, directed reporters to a door marked "private" and stairs that led to a second story.

• Mail addressed to Corado's husband Joel was stacked on those steps.

• No one answered the second floor door. Reporters could not determine whether there was a residence on that floor or not.

• Corado is actively involved at La Iglesia Del Reino Church in Spring Valley, where her husband is a pastor.

• Public records show that Corado has (or had) an addresss in Ozone Park, Queens. A man at that two-story, two-family home who refused to identify himself claimed that he owns the building and that Corado "doesn't live here. Why would you be looking for her [here]? There's no Corado here. There's never been a Corado here."

• She refuses to speak to the press or return emails or phone calls, despite promises from her fellow slate members that she would.

Now Corado has failed to show up for her swearing-in ceremony, allegedly because she is on a "family vacation."

Of course, the suspicion – growing exponentially each day – is that Corado, Bernard Charles Jr. and Pierre Germain, who ran with Corado and won the three open seats on the nine-member haredi-dominated board (the six sitting members are all haredi or Orthodox) are nothing more than proxies for the haredi community.

In most jurisdictions outside of heavily corrupt areas like New York State and especially Rockland County, the type of behavior shown by Charles and Corado would have already led to a state investigation.

But this is New York State, where Satmar and other haredi bloc voting communities carry influence far, far outside their numbers.

New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, has long been thought to be in Satmar's pocket, and his recent behavior regarding a no-bid sweetheart deal for the massive Williamsburg Armory and his many closed-door (and even secret) meetings with haredi leaders regarding circumcision-metzitzah-b-peh and other issues do nothing to dispel that impression.

And now Cuomo and New York State's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have appointed an anti-corruption investigative committee.

Named to that committee is Rockland County's highly suspect District Attorney Thomas Zugibe, the DA of what is arguably the most corrupt county in the state after Kings (Brooklyn).

There are those who argue that Zugibe is the second most corrupt DA in New York State.

Who is the most corrupt DA?

By most accounts, it is Brooklyn's own Charles J. Hynes.

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[Hat Tip: Devorah.]


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They also renewed D'Agostino's contract. The "attorney" for the school district who recently challenged a student to a fight and cursed out the kid. It is business as "usual" at East Ramapo "unfortunately".

I think only the Federal government can sort this out at this point. This sounds more and more like Chicago-style corruption from the salad days of hizzoner Mayor Daly.

So who says the goyim hate the Jews? This is proof they even vote with them, not to mention live with them!

I encourage all of you to witness what happened at last night's Board meeting, both during the meeting and after, outside. The attorney went on a verbal tirade using language as abase as it get. Try You Tube. It is truly disgusting.


Pearl? Any thoughts?


Again, go to You Tube and type in "east ramapo July 2 2013 attorney." Pick the outside parking lot one.

And screw the Journal News for its white wash coverage. Post the addresses of registered gun owners but ignore the local corruption.

What's really interesting is that the attorney's name is Chris Kirby and presumably not Jewish. Plus, the only guy trying to diffuse the situation as portrayed in the video is a hareidi guy!

I guess SR must have missed that one!

"as portrayed in the video is a hareidi guy!"

Rothman is a descent man. However, for the Board to have tolerated the attorney's totally abhorrent behavior during the actual meeting and remain silent, speaks volumes. I mean the attorney does serve at the pleasure of the Board and was chosen by the Haredi members.

Now that the parking lot scene has gone viral, it will be interesting to see how the Board reacts.


"And scr*w the Journal News for its white wash coverage."


Spot on !


I don't live in East Ramapo, and I really have no idea if the board is really corrupt, or the parents just resent it's board members sending their kids to yeshivas. However, one thing is certain. There has been a huge white middle class flight out of East Ramapo. As such, property values and the tax base have dropped significantly. Presumably, the board was forced to cut expenses. Now, I don't know if the cuts were made in the right places or not, but anytime you make cuts, people are upset. Additionally, I believe the majority of people that are upset probably pay the lowest amount of taxes to the town. So, net net net, I would think both sides have to reach some sort of compromise here instead of just hurling insults at each other.


I AM TOTALLY SHOCKED THESE FRICKING CHASIDS SAT QUIETLY WHILE PEGGY poured her heart out about the students. She is the number one defender of public education.

Cuomo, FORGET the bloc votes and everything you promise them under the table and vice versa. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.

Cuomo is not going to forget the block vote. He's taking a BS stance against corruption; sure receiving a bribe or rigging a public bid is illegal. Packing agencies, town boards, school boards and the like with donors, party operatives, cronies and relatives is just politics. Cuomo is the head of the stinking fish.

"...There has been a huge white middle class flight out of East Ramapo. ..."

Rockland County will go to hell in a handbasket and be left with Haredim and others from the lowest socioeconomic stratum. A race to the bottom. Used to be a nice place. Very sad. Good thing there's a huge state park there that they can't take over or the whole area would be covered with homes subdivided into illegal apartments and all that goes with that.

"Kirby told her to shut up and blasted her with obscenities, using the “F” word several times and calling her fat and an expletive for a female body part.

“Is that how you talk to your wife?” Hatton countered.

“If I were married to you? Are you kidding? I'd (expletive) blow my brains out," Kirby said."

Our tax dollars are paying for this attorney to call a female parent the "C" word. Wonder how he treats his daughters?

At least FM doesn't pull all the comments like the JN and the Patch.

After reading all available accounts of this on various news wires, I stand with Ms. Hatton ! For the Board not to admonish the attorney during the meeting for his grotesque behavior is an abomination. For the Board not to immediately fire the firm after the "parking lot" incident , a travesty. For the Board President to say today that the Board will hold a special meeting to discuss the latter but makes no mention of the former shows just how insincere this clueless, undereducated buffoon is. Not that this illiterate dweeb actually wrote his own press release. What a a complete embarrassment this Board is to the community.

So, Ms. Hutton, I stand with you.


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