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July 02, 2013


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Well, he was not elected anyway - he should have tried more.


Not rabbi Karachi but Rabbi Karpach.


Edith you are correct.

His army id had him having been born in 1944.

Apparently he didn't have solid evidence needed to present to the family court to legally change the date.

His mothers sister apparently died recently and he met a cousin that he did not know. The cousin remembered that he came on Aliyah in 1944 and that Arusi had not been born yet.

Arusi then went to the Family Court where His cousin was thoroughly questioned by a judge. The judge found his cousins account credible and ruled that the year of birth be corrected.

Arusi is a interesting candidate and very well educated and he served in the army.

In addition to his two different rabbinic ordinations he has a BA,MA and Phd. BA from Bar Illan and the two graduate degrees from Tel Aviv University. All degrees were in law.

When the Maariv reporter wrote the original article R. Arusi was in NY.

Interestingly Arusi is his own man.He apparently did not go the Ovadia Yossef route but his main teacher was R. Karachi a very famous Yemenite rabbi and Kabbalist.

The suburb of Tel Aviv he serves has one of the highest number of reservists per capita in the country. In the top ten if I remember correctly.

He also sits on the committee that elects the Chief Rabbi.Guess he can't vote.

He seems like a good candidate for Sfardic chief rabbi.

Wow 5 degrees.


Yemenite Jews were most likely not using our Gregorian calendar.

They probably were using both the Jewish and Muslim calendars.

New Year's Day would not even have been recognized in Yemen in those days except for foreign embassies.

New Year's Day is a regular work day in Israel except for the banking community. Same in many Islamic countries today.

I am always amused when people mention that Sfardim dress like Ashkenazim. Would you prefer they walk around in a Jebiliya?

The real question is why they all wear black and white. Pre WW2 European yeshivas did not have a black and white dress code. At least non chassidche.dont know what chassidic yeshivas did.

Mir,Slobodka ,veloshin didn't have dress codes.

My grandfather who learned in Slobodka when the "alter" was still there didn't wer black and white.

My uncle and his two brothers went from the lower east side to the Mir before ww2 to get smicha and there was no black and white dress codes in yeshiva nor did he do that when he came back.

In America the Litvish yeshivish black and white dress code is a post 1970s adaptation.

Don't know the history in Israel.

So what should a Yemenite Rabbi wear a Jebiliyaj or a black suit and hat?


If you read the whole article it says he changed the year of his birth to 1944 50 years ago when in the army and now wanted to make it formal. Completely kosher.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

My wife and mother in law see nothing wrong with this.


Note he served in the army.

Dr. Dave

Sefardi Haredi Rabbi Changes His Official Age, Allegedly To Qualify To Run For Chief Rabbi

And it also qualifies him for younger and hotter chicks on J-Date


it may very well be that there was confusion about his date of birth but logic says that when he arrived and was 6, his parents knew what his birth year was. however, the date of january 1st implies that the actual date wasnt known and that was selected for those unsure. in horse racing, the ages of all horses born in a calendar year are assigned as if the horse was born jan. 1st . so 3 year olds are sometimes only 2 years and a month old.
back to this case, even if his birth year was 1943, he would still be qualified as long as he was born in july or later.
so it may be legit, but there is an appearance of impropriety which is distasteful to a candidate for chief rabbi.
however, if metzger was "elected" aka shoved down israels throat by charedi leaders despite the known charges against him to which he admitted, then this pales by comparison and would be no hindrance to his election whatsoever. whomever yosef decides will win the sephardi position. i sure hope stav sneaks through as ashki rabbi despite no support from charedi gedolim.


Is no item of truth fixed with these people?

Friar Yid

R. Stav is looking better all the time.


Another fake phony fraud shameless imbacile.

Manuel Ferrara

Maybe Arussi is from Yemen but he dresses up like he came from Belarus.


The use of Sfardi is a catch all phrase in Israel...

Not the academic one. Meaning a Jew whoose family is from Jews who were in Spain.

It really means a rabbi who will lead Jews from middle eastern,Arab countries.

Ovadia Yossef is from Iraq.

Yosef ben Matitya

r' ratzon arussi maybe running for the position of sefardi CR, but I think he aint sefardi. he is I think of Yemenite tradition.

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