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July 04, 2013


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if the haredim don't save his ass...
he's going to talk....
he knows stuff...
this is going to be very interesting...
Mrs. Hatten, Peggy....
you laid a firm foundation with bricks that they are now throwing at you. ALL WILL BE GOOD. THIS COULD TURN OUT VERY WELL FOR YOU AND EAST RAMAPO STUDENTS.

Moshe in Israel

Here's a word that hasn't been used yet in the context of what Kirby said/did.

He is a classic misogynist.

The definition fits him to a 'T'.

[mi-soj-uh-nist, mahy‐]
a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.

Shloimy Handyman

Oh give me a break. He is not going to 'talk' about anything because there is nothing to talk about. Ruthie, by the way, is male, not female. A troll.


iron maiden...
lol at your stupidity.
it's making my day.

Alter Kocker

Let the ethics committee of the New York state bar have a shot at this idiot. When his law license is on the line, he will turn on anyone and everyone to keep bread on his table. The East Ramapo board should rightly be soiling their pants once this dumb-ass starts to talking.


my point exactly


From what I've read about this board, I predict they'll have a meeting, talk about irrelevant stuff, then do nothing.

As I said in the other story, this should all be sent to the New York State Bar Assn., though I wouldn't expect much from them.

Pete Taylor

Peggy Hatton has been coming to board meetings for years. She has been riling up the crowd for years, Tony Luciano referred to the Jewish Board as Pontius pilot http://youtu.be/z0EhnPC1Y7Q they are hardly the innocent victims here. Tony has used foul language many times when referring to the Jews. I guess Mr. Kirby just snapped.


if the school board does nothing, then it's a red flag...it shows us
how very dangerous they truly are.

it's hasidim county, new york, but laws don't apply here...if you're hasidic.

Eli, what me messiah?

at the website of Minerva & D'Agostino, Kirby is not listed as one of the firm's lawyers:
since violent blow ups like Kirby's don't just happen all of a sudden. there must have been a history and the firm cynically cut its losses. they may be praying that firing Kirby will save their relationship with the board. But there is no apology posted on the firm's website, no statement lamenting its employee's behavior. What goons.

Now the board just needs to fire the law firm.


Methinks there are some moles in the room. Time for whack-a-mole. You get to go first, Ruthie. (Hands Ruthie the bat.)



BTW,does anyone one know if the community spokesperson, Gestester, released a ghost-written press statement yet? You know, denying that the video is real and that it was dubbed by the antisemites. Also, has he arranged a fundraiser for the attorney as of yet, or does he only arrange them when the offense is below the belt?

Also, isn't it telling that mayorial candidate Daniel Friedman has time to tweet about low flying planes but has been completely mum on this issue? I thought you were going to work in concert with ERCSD, Mr. Friedman? Surely you cannot be quiet on this one?

Where are the other Town Board member, oh and our esteemed Supervisor? You guys are way too easy to read, way to easy.

A sad lot indeed. No character, no integrity.


rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

What is there to talk about?

He has to go, cork is WAY too far free of the bottle for any form of damage control and there is no way any board member will risk their own position for this man.


good point luke.
where is CSL?
IN THEIR FUCKING POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you make a valid point.
but you do know he has some of their secrets...
so it's not black and white here...
we'll see what happens..

Eli, what me messiah?

Luke, ah...the old "you used an anti-semitic video camera" defense. Hadn't thought of that one.

Sounds like another good marketing opportunity: kosher video cameras! the lens is blacked out and there is no audio.


rebitzman & Ruthie:

Spot on! Also, don't forget the Board has to wait for the directive of the Rebbies. This being the 4th we all know they are celebrating and alike, swimming, volleyball, etc. When today's festivities are over they will be exhausted and it will be time to prepare for Shabbos. So, don't expect much action until Monday.



"Luke, ah...the old "you used an anti-semitic video camera" defense. Hadn't thought of that one."

LOL Eli. Yeah, it's all part of the Gestetner denial mantra. Remember Weberman? He is still in "da Nile" on that one.

Enjoy this great day!



Wow, just wow! Read the VIN Editorial posted at 2:48pm today (the 4th.)

Finally acknowledging that the ERCSD situation is reflecting badly on all NYC area Jews and demanding the Board act immediately and not wait until Monday. Wow! Thank you VIN. I and many others have been stating this for years .

(Back to poolside activities.)



let's see what monday brings.
and why has there not been a peep from CSL?
oh! maybe because the hasidim asked him not to say anything?
maybe because he's stone drunk because of the fear of the FBI investigating him?
or is he on holiday in the south of france with all the bribery money he's taken over the years?

Shloimy Handyman

Ruthie, do you have actual knowledge of bribery of CSL? If not, you should stop spreading malicious rumors. I personally think that CSL has been a total disaster for the Town of Ramapo, including the Monsey community, for a lot of different reasons. But you are publicly accusing him of a crime. If you don't have proof, you are just speculating.


Just thinking that this is a great diversion from the real issues of money and resources being diverted from the school district to the yeshivas and KJ.


"According to its website, the law firm has four associates, but it only lists three on its 'attorneys' page. "

OMG-d. First the newly elected Board member disappears off the face of the earth and now him? Ruthie, are you behaving ?



"Just thinking that this is a great diversion from the real issues of money and resources being diverted from the school district to the yeshivas and KJ.

Posted by: FlatEarth | July 05, 2013 at 08:06 AM"


Another direct hit ! Keep'em' coming my friend !



iron maiden,
i don't have proof???!
i live in monsey.
proof enough baby.


iron maiden,
you want to call it speculation? no problem.
but you're not going to bait me here.


"Still no answer! Trivia: There's a street in Spring Valley that has parts of it in 3 different Election Districts & 2 zip codes. What is it?"

This is from mayoral hopeful Town Councilman Friedman.

Yes, Mr. Friedman. Still no opine on your thoughts on last Tuesday's events at ERCSD's meeting.



Mr. Friedman : Is one awaiting the decision of the Rebbis before one can opine on the horrific events of last Tuesday's ERCSD meeting? Do tell. BTW, How is the financial statement for 2012 looking for the ballpark? Can't wait to share in the success!



Oh, and Mr. Friedman, you commented here before so we know you access the blog. So please give us a ERCSD update and a stadium financial update. How cool is that!



The whole of Rockland and beyond is reacting with shock at the continued abusive behavior of the East Ramapo School Board and their attorney. The Save Our Schools Coalition is calling for a non-violent protest immediately preceding the next school board meeting on Monday, July 8. Let’s make this a truly massive and meaningful rally! The theme is ‘RESPECT’. Those with a creative impulse are invited to make signs that convey that message. The word ‘RESPECT’ should be featured. You can also join the event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/330386417093071/

Rally for RESPECT
Monday, July 8 at 6:45 PM
105 S. Madison Ave, Spring Valley, NY

Please make every effort to attend, and bring as many people as you can!!!!

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