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July 03, 2013

Military Coup D'état In Egypt

MSNBC and NBC are reporting that a military coup d'état is underway in Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are in the streets, cheering the military and condemning the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood-member president.

I'll post more information as it comes in.


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what did they think they would get when electing him?

So much for democracy. People sometimes get the government they deserve.

Maybe the Ihkwan (Muslim Brotherhood) wanted to sit around and study Quran all day rather than serve in the military.

The only question left is:
Does Egypt get a Nasser or a Sadat?

The last time the army was in power (last year), they did a godawful job of providing basic services (stuff like trash collection, police etc...). What makes any one think they will do better this time? And when do they plan to stage another round of elections that will last until the next coup?

At least they will be our allies. Wasn't that the point of the new and progressive US foreign policy, to "get back our allies"?
Turkey, Egypt, Libya (at least Ghadafi was quiet after Iraq and never incited "reaction to a video"), Afghanistan, Lebanon (the non-Hisbollah half), Iran (our policy was to entice them to unclench their fist), Russia, the allies are just piling up.

Well at least Al Qaeda is finished. And we are only in the 5th of 8 years. I foresee global peace and another Nobel.

@YL "Maybe the Ihkwan (Muslim Brotherhood) wanted to sit around and study Quran all day rather than serve in the military."

Hah! I see what you did there.

R. Nash
Yes Qaeda is toast peace and harmony reigns in this age of Obamaesque.

Our relations with our friends and neighbors is tighter than ever.so tight we know everything they are thinking.

In fact we need to give Biden a peace prize as well.

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