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July 04, 2013


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rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"Hasidic Member Of Knesset Calls On Haredim To "Make War" Against The Reform Movement"

I am Conservative, but think I can speak for my Reform friends when I say "bring it, Bubba".

Heck, we can win this "fight" without breaking a sweat. We (collective - all "liberal" Jews) just stop sending them money.

War over.

(The other) Eli

Yes, all the problems Jews face are because of the Reform movement and assimilation. Jews never had any problems before any of that happened.
Does this idiot really believe that Haredim are the ones facing discrimination because of the WoW? Looool

Yochanan Lavie

Ruthie: I know he has long peyos, but size doesn't matter.



Yochanan Lavie

Of course, the Reform movement has shirked the draft, given comfort to Israel's ideological (and physical) enemies, vandalized property, acted rudely, dressed bizarrely, called modestly dressed females as young as 5 "prostitutes," attacked Modern Orthodox youth who strayed into their neighborhoods, refused to work, refused to educate their youth to be employable, protected child molesters, monopolized the official rabbinate, and declared the "pulsa d'nura" death sentence on those with whom they disagreed.

Oops, that's the Ultra-Orthodox. My bad.

Friar Yid

"Calls On Haredim To "Make War" Against The Reform Movement"

What, they weren't already?




i want one hour in bed with this guy
Posted by: ruthie | July 04, 2013 at 05:19 AM

You'd be lucky if he lasted three minutes, from the look of him.

Atheodox Jew

Aside from the utter incoherence of his logic, it's very telling that MK Eichler is commiserating with Ahmed Tibi. Because there IS NO "Reform Islam" for all intents and purposes (i.e. nothing which is any serious player in the Islamic world).

One of the best things that could happen in the world right now is if vast numbers of Muslims adopted a Reform version of Islam. And one of the best things to happen to Israel is if the Orthodox monopoly were broken and a little healthy competition were allowed to exist.


he's threatening to make war!
when his goal should be "ahavas yisroel!"

i want one hour in bed with this guy

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