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July 02, 2013


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Fortunately, it's not hard to spell the word cult.


I am surprized it is that much. And I really don't believe it anyway as the Charedim probably lied about it.

Anyway, as the report says the "teaching" is not by proefssional teachers with knowledge of the subject so let's adjust that four hour figure to ZERO.

Positive note: At least the Charedim tried to PRETEND that they taught something useful for a small amount of time. They must realize that normal people think secular learning is a good thing, as indeed it is.


It's interesting that the only secular subjects taught were mainly Hebrew or Math. Obviously these are required for effective fraud of the Jewish "Goyim" in Israel. Why else would the frumma need these "Goyish" subjects? There is Toyreh to be "learned"!!!!!

Yochanan Lavie

I doubt the situation is better with chareidim outside of Israel.


I doubt the situation is better with chareidim outside of Israel.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | July 02, 2013 at 09:03 AM



The hareidim hassidim are on this earth for one thing to mock us all, their whole life is dedicated to manipulating and duping themselfs and everyone who comes into contact with them,the way they dress is to go against the accepted norm in a civilized metropolis,ergo all the fraud and theft is one of the byproducts of their attitudes towards the rest of the world.

Bas Melech

David | July 02, 2013 at 08:28 AM

Charedim, especially in Eretz Yisroel, think that they are normal and seculars aren't. Seculars are misguided and enemies of Torah. Charedim regard mandatory introduction of secular education as a tool of the enemy to insert their way of thinking into their holy schools.


so apparently this shows me they have zero intention of these children learning how to support themselves in the future.
the basics...reading, writing, math, science and computers.
you would need a minimum of four hours per day not week.
i doubt they give them four hours a week. it just doesn't sound right.
this is criminal and this is child abuse. the child is held captive in a world that clearly the torah spoke against. this is NOT holy. what
a bunch of stupid entitled idiots.
we ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. education to function later in life should be paramount. there are plenty of shomar shabbos nice frum jews attending columbia, brandeis etc.
they are just teaching their children how to call a car service and then get in the car and ask the driver to take them to social services.


One only has to look at the majority of the ERCSD School Board members and the community public relations dude, Gestetner, to see the "value" the community places on secular studies. The first group is barely literate and rely on ghost writers for their press releases. The second individual has no concept of the American political system, United States history, the English language, the written word and social mores. The first group is just plain sad. The second individual is at least mildly entertaining, well, at least when he is not defending every accused and/or convicted pedophile.

Anyway, I have said it before, no NYS certified curriculum, no NYS taxpayer money.


Alter Kocker

I disagree with the 30% funding of schools that do not provide 11 hours of secular education. Those schools should not receive any funding and need to be shuttered.

I believe that any school that, in effect, means to graduate a functional illiterate cannot be allowed to continue. This is not incompetence on behalf of the educators, but rather willful insubordination to the government and cannot be tolerated. Teaching nothing but ancient hebrew coupled with a lack of basic skills (math, civics, history) infantilizes an entire group. I say to the gedolim that have ordered the yeshivas to act in this way; BEWARE! The government is just starting to fight your mentally challenged pronouncements. You'd be well advised to stop now! You may end up spending the balance of your lives in jail. You will reap what you have sown. Hundreds of thousands of functional illiterates, incapable on anything other than torah study. Unable to understand the world in front of them and at the beck and call of the gedolim. This must stop.

Bas Melech

Preparation for life to these chareidim means a life of Torah, studying and living. Rejecting the outside secular world is the ONLY way to attain this goal.

Why do these charedim reject Samson R. Hirsh?

Because of this charedi mindset about the evils of secular studies and the US against THEM is the one of the reason I rejected this community.


"they are just teaching their children how to call a car service and then get in the car and ask the driver to take them to social services.

Posted by: ruthie"

That's pretty funny! Good line, ruthie.

I think Yair Lapid absolutely hates Hareidim, but this does not change the fact that without secular studies, they are condemning the next generation to a life of poverty and possibly worse. The Talmud teaches us that if you don't teach your son a trade, you are teaching him to steal. After all, if he has no job, what alternative does he have? On the other hand, as is with the poor in the US, you can't just cut all benefits in a draconian manner. It has to be done gradually.


He's not the only one who absolutely hates charedim. And I hope there are many more because charedism is as big a threat to Torah observance Judaism as was the haskala. Charedism is destroying Judaism from within. It destroys the Jewish mind and character. It is run by the erev rav.

Bas Melech

Well expressed.


Sorry, but unlike some narrow minded people here, I cannot and will not condemn an entire segment of a population for the actions of some individuals. I'm not gonna condemn all African Americans just because most crime in the US is committed by them.

Bas Melech: Don't you realize that your comments show that you are guilty of the very things you condemn charedim for?


"...I'm not gonna condemn all African Americans just because most crime in the US is committed by them...."

Um - you just made Bas Melech's point for her because in fact the kind of crime committed correlates significantly with ethnic/racial background such that Hispanics make up a % of those incarcerated for serious crimes that is 300% of their overall % of the population yet 58% of US hate crimes are committed by whites, etc. etc. Get your facts straight. A crime is not a crime; they vary widely. Talk about major financial fraudsters and an uncomfortable % are Jewish and of those Haredim make up a significant %, probably out of proportion to their adult numbers.

It's also the case that Haredim follow their rebbes' dicta to the syllable so that it is absolutely fair to generalize about their educational and other cultural foibles. If the rebbe of a given sect says no math, no science, no computers, no internet then that's that and none of those kids will see any of that in school (or at home at pain of excommunication from the sect). This could never go on if may of these people weren't being supported by welfare or the equivalent. This is a toxic way to raise kids and is a dead-end for the group should the public funding be withdrawn. A catastrophe.


what do haredi need secular studies for ?

they don'd need secular studies to swindle ppl or rip ppl off .

secular studies are totally useless for haredi , cuz they are all crooks .

Bas Melech

@ Ifti99 | July 02, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Please explain what constitutes similar guilt as charedim.

@S M L
Thanks for your support.
Today the yeshivish follow their Rabbis almost like the chasidim. Their support comes from parents who go into debt in order to prove that their children lead a life devoted to Torah.


Too bad for the American taxpayer that "No Child Left Behind" was not applied to religious schools as well. American taxpayers will be picking up the tab for the results of an inadequate education being given to Hasidic children. I suspect that the frummies are among the fastest growing groups of welfare recipients in the country, albeit from a relatively small base. Move over Ronald Reagan welfare queen. You've got company.

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