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July 02, 2013


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When reading the law there is no connection of any ratio to voters.

In terms of the rabbinic part of the committee there is a attempt to equalize representation of sfardi and Ashkenazi representatives.

Major cities,regional councils,smaller cities etc.. Andfrom all of these locals a equalization between sfardi and Ashkenazi representation..

That just applies to representation from rabbinic authorities.

One of the categories of committee members has a list that I beleive is exclusively women. There is no connection to representing a prortionate amount of the population.


There are no ethics challenges here.

I have reviewed the relevant law and it does not deal with this situation at all. So questioning the law is legitimate.

Additionally the committee consists of 150 people.
A quorum is 80 people.
Thus a person may be elected chief rabbi with a total of 41 votes..

A link to the law.


Manuel Ferrara

The list is here:

Manuel Ferrara

Lau jr went to the Yishuv Hadash, the same "modern" Haredi yeshiva Yigal Amir who assassinated Yitchak Rabin went to.

Yosef ben Matitya

Vote for Pedro.

I am all for it, Sr YL.
Pero, porque Pedro? :-)

Yosef ben Matitya

not too long ago, the father himself (a very eloquent and ethics deficient character) was also considered a candidate. to give a besser chance to the family to regain the title. if not the father then the son. if not the son, then the father.
PS: that's the same father saved in the holocaust by alternatively john paul II (now himself a candidate for sainthood), or the father or the uncle of kareem Abdul jabbar etc....


This is what comes of conflating politics and religion, the temporal and the ostensibly spiritual. Bad policy. Voting for yourself in the general election is one thing - one person, one vote. Takes a liberal application of twisted logic to consider that to entitle one's self to what amounts to 50,000 or however many votes' worth of influence.

(The other) Eli

Why can't the general public vote for a chief rabbi?

Yochanan Lavie

Vote for Pedro.


To Nussi, I did read the two paragraph article. Did you see anything there that explains the workings or composition of this 'body' that elects the chief rabbi? Is it the Academy of Motion Pictures. Who the heck are they. Du explain.


To Hal 1
Du read the article


Can someone tell me how this process works? Who votes?

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