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July 02, 2013


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Alter Kocker--You are 100 per cent right,once you are a grownup youre die has been cast, to change is next to impossible if not impossible tottaly,the mind is a terrible thing to waste terrible.

Alter Kocker

Haredism is the willful ignorance of fact. Mind control at it's zenith. The cult convinces the membership that intelligence is an evil thing. Functional brains are not welcome.

Denial of basic education enslaves the child to the cult for his lifetime. Even when the adult wakes up in his 20's and seeks out an education, he deals with psychological impairments to cognitive function. A life of cult membership will do that to you.


What does it tell you about the Charedi interpretation of our religion that they are scared that learning something about the world around them will destroyu their beliefs?

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

The current haredi educational system is unprecedented in all of Jewish history to actively fight against the Halachic (and civil) obligation to educate children.

Thankfully, Isreal is taking steps to do something about it.


The really sad thing is that Israel is number 38 world wide in GMAT scores.


Theese people are not worth the effort to convince them thats its for their future good, the leaders of theese hassidim should be put in jail, stop funding the yeshivas until they educate their children properly they actually think that they are the government and try to dictate what they should be doing,they are impossible let them fend for themselfs lets see how far they will get.


• MK Nissim Ze’ev of the Sefardi haredi Shas Party said the bill was an example of the “culture war” that is being waged against the haredi community by Israel’s non-haredim.

"culture war"
not educating these children is just so wrong....i am again rendered speechless. this takes the cake.
but i guess it's not a "culture war" to take welfare left and right and let others work for you and let others worry about their sons, brothers, husbands, defending the jewish state. and not just defend our country but also to die for it.
EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or are they really that scared that they'll leave and find a more common ground to be religious? this is beginning to sound not like
yiddishkeit but a cult. omg


It's like dealing with mental patients.

Michael, your supper is here.

Supper! It's not supper. I know what you are really doing. You are trying to destroy me. I will not eat. I will never eat!


It is unprecedented in all of Jewish history to actively fight against the Halachic (and civil) obligation to educate children.

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