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July 04, 2013


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Egged is now haredi? Must be news to every single Israeli.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

Egged is a public entity. CEO needs to be fired.

Alter Kocker

As Egged is publicly owned, it cannot and should not identify solely with one segement of the populace. Therefore, it must not be a Haredi company. Secular Israel pays for Egged and its executives through tax dollars. The Haredi segment of the populace pays little or no tax and therefore have little say in the operation of this company. I would say that the CEO and officers of the company need a little re-education if not outright dismissal for this ignorant pandering to this segment of the populace. Therefore, Egged will either accept advertising from all possible advertisers or conversely Egged should not allow ANY advertising. One can understand routes being economically unfeasible during certain parts of the week. However refusal of income generating advertisements in the face of potential thuggery and vandalism is patently stupid. One would sooner want an armed guard aboard the bus to deter instances of vandalism (I'd prefer a female in uniform carrying a rifle AND she must ride up front in the "mens" section)


wow! they certainly bowed under pressure.


("I'm the Urban Spaceman", Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band)

I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
I’ve got a face
But me you would displace
I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
I’m not hassid
Please show me, I plead

I’m not immodest
I’m just an E.T.
You won’t let me advertise
From Jaffa to Dead Sea

I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
You won’t show me
My ads have no whoopee

You won’t show anybody with a smile upon their face
The Egged CEO Gibli is quite a disgrace

I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
I’m intelligent and clean
On me you vent your spleen

I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
As a leader, you’re a disgrace
You’re not the master race

You let all Israelis down
You are such a boob
You’re a poor excuse for a leader, you should go down the tubes
I’m the Egged spaceman, bubbie
Here comes the twist,
We wish you didn’t exist


The assertion that Egged is a Haredi-owned company would come as big news to my atheistic uncle Bob, who's a stockholder in Egged who got his start in the company as a driver of the No. 4 bus in Tel Aviv.

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