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July 04, 2013


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Another point I would like to make is that if the Dr. had prescribed medication for an ear ache without knowing the patient or if there were any visible signs of other medical issues, and it turned out that she did have other medical concerns than the Dr would have been sued for malpractice! Also something that readers may not know is that often in Israel pharmacies do run out of certain medications and it is a concern medical professional that would call the patient to let them know. Especially if the child went to the dr alone, it would make sense that the dr would be concern that the patient understood the situation clearly.


Why do the headline and the article not reflect the fact that the doctor is dati leumi person living in a dati leumi yishuv (kochav yaakov)?


Granted abuse happens unfortunately and it must be stopped, but you are a fool if you believe every claim of abuse. Especially within communities that are so sheltered that any mention of a body part, bodily function or of slight touch of totally appropriate nature in certain circumstances is viewed as bad. Education and speaking opening with our children key and in most Haredi communities these issues are taboo are therefore children do not always know the difference or even how to properly communicate in these instances.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Susieb, you are an idiot.

Yosef ben Matitya

Sodom and gemara. :-)

though I must say, YL this behavior is not limited to the Haredis only.
Indeed this kind of behavior is endemic to the entire country. From the office of the former president, to 2 right hands of the PM, to the judiciary, to police officers, unbelievable, like this very case, nothing to do with the haredim. A real shame.

Yochanan Lavie

YBM: For the chareidim it's Sodom and gemara.


I must make some comment here. The Dr in question was acquitted because there was no evidence of a crime. He happens to be a wonderful person, while it is known that the family that accused him has many personal issues! Did anyone ask why the child went to the Dr. without a parent. Am I the only person who thinks it is negligent of a parent to send a 13 year old girl alone to the doctor? The trial was conducted, the verdict is in and not ever claim of abuse it abuse!

Yosef ben Matitya

wow, that's really bizarre!

not really, soso, this was and is the norm in Sodom and Gomora.
Israel as a country has adopted these norms for the whole country.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

DD, I would not blame the frumma for this (shocker!!).

When your child goes to the doctor, you trust that they will do the correct things medically as well as not molesting your child.

As I stated at 8:54, when you are the doctor in a general medical clinic, and a first-time patient comes in for any reason, it is reasonable to perform a general physical examination, with consent from the parents as well as a nurse present in the room at all times.

Imagine if she came in with an earache, also happened to have some significant other disease, but asymptomatic, that you could have found by routine listening to the heart with a stethoscope or a routine exam of the abdomen. If a doctor overlooked such a disease, by only examining the ears, wouldn't that be malpractice? There are standards of care when a patient walks through the door of your general medicine/pediatrics clinic. You are not obligated to do a 'million dollar workup', but you are obligated to provide a basic examination. If it's a patient who already has a regular pediatrician, then ok, just examine the ears, and then send a courtesy letter to that regular pediatrician. That's what a reasonable doctor would typically do.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

If you're working in a general health clinic, and a 13-year old girl with an earache is a a first-time patient, and you think she should have a full examination (which isn't a bad idea), including pelvic/genitalia exam, you must contact the parents first. Even when they agree, you must have a nurse there in the exam room, explaining everything to the child first, and being there throughout.

We had a similar discussion recently about that OB/GYN doctor in Maryland.

If does seem a little odd that a child would be allowed to go to the clinic without a parent, and the clinic is allowed to treat such a walk-in without the parents there to give consent, even if it's 'just' an ear exam. However, if this is a closely-knit community with the friendly neighborhood clinic down the street, then maybe I can understand the scenario of a child just walking in with an earache.

There is no such defense as "we are too busy and understaffed to have a nurse in the room".

Sarek, there have indeed been cases here in the USA where the judge and/or jury ruled "A doctor would never do such a thing".


the girl's mother should have been present all the time with her at the time of the examination AND NOT LEAVE THE ROOM not even for a second . how dumb those haredi are , with all their ' torey ' teaching and knowledge they r supposed to get . haredi have no brain .

if the girl went for a ear ache , y should she lie down ? .... on her back !


So the judge is one of the following:
1. A moron
2. A fellow molester
3. A bribe-taker
4. One who believes doctors (and probably rabbis) are always holy and always right [see #1 above]

Pick one. I can't think of any other explanations.


Posted by: Edith | July 04, 2013 at 05:07 AM

You'd put her in a position where she would be molested by him again? Are you insane?


You put a wire on her and let her go to the doctor again. Preferably with a hidden camera inside her bag or a pen camera and have under-cover police outside. Yeah too much CSI but it works.


wow, that's really bizarre!

The perpetrator admits the facts (he checked the lower abdomen and did not touch the genitals for an extended length of time, i.e. he touched it briefly, even repeteatedly) and he gets away with it!

Some stupid judge!!!!

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