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July 03, 2013


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Yosef ben Matitya

We want Moshiach Mao!
YL| July 03, 2013 at 12:44 PM
Alas YL, Mao while he qualifies as a dead mashiach, was clean shaven, I don't know, will it work?

Yosef ben Matitya

this must be a promotion by chabad of asia, to do keiruv to the jews of Kaifeng. should be ok. (maybe) no? after all, they are neither black, nor tanned. no?

Eli, what me messiah?

Is there a Chinese take-out menu printed on the other side?


Well, they do say that the Chinese are the "Jews of the East".


another rabbi wrote this:

"It is certain that King David himself cannot be the King Moshiach referred to here who will be 'their leader forever,' for Moshiach's activities must begin beforethe redemption, as the Rambam ruled (Hilchos Melochim, ch. 11, halacha 4), and certainly before the resurrection of the dead (even of the tzadikim who will arise immediately, as in the saying of our sages (Yoma 5b) 'Moshe and Aaron will be with us')."

this rabbi excluded david from being moshiach because he didnt meet the requirements while alive. can you guess who said this??? who was this rabbi that clearly rules out the lubavitcher rebbe as candidate for moshiach??


the lubavitcher rebbe himself. it doesnt get any more ironic than this.

Likutei Sichos vol. 35, pg. 206

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 18, 2013 at 08:47 PM


n breishis rabbah- 98:14

"Our father Jacob foresaw Samson and thought that he was the Messiah. But when he saw him dead he exclaimed, 'He too is dead! Then for your salvation I wait [hope], O LORD.' "


next. the ramban excluded jesus because he hadnt done whats needed. so again, if its possible for jesus to do so after coming back to life, then on what basis did the ramban exclude him? you better get to church. rambans ruling is clear. these things must be accomplished by a person who is ALIVE. the rebbe is NOT. checkmate.

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 18, 2013 at 08:36 PM


heres the rambam writing more about moshiach in iggeret teman:

"As to the place where the Messiah will make his first appearance, Scripture intimates that he will first present himself only in the Land of Israel, as we read, "He will suddenly appear in His Temple" (Malachi 3:1). As for the advent of the Messiah, nothing at all will be known about it before it occurs. The Messiah is not a person concerning whom it may be predicted that he will be the son of so and so, or of the family of so and so. On the contrary he will be unknown before his coming, but he will prove by means of miracles and wonders that he is the true Messiah. Scripture in allusion to his mysterious lineage says, "His name is the Shoot, and he will shoot up out of his place" (Zechariah 6:12). Similarly, Isaiah referring to the arrival of the Messiah implies that neither his father nor mother, nor his kith nor kin will be known, "For he will shoot up right forth as a sapling, and as a root out of the dry ground." (53:2). After his manifestation in Palestine, Israel will be gathered in Jerusalem and the other cities of Palestine. Then will the tidings spread to the East and the West until it will reach you in Yemen and those beyond you in India as we learn from Isaiah. "That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of papyrus upon the waters, go, ye swift mesengers [sic], to a nation that has been pulled and plucked to a people that suffered terribly from their beginning onward." (18:2). The process of the final redemption will not be reversed so that it will first appear in distand lands, and ultimately reach Palestine.

What the great powers are, which all the prophets from Moses to Malachi ascribe to the Messiah, may be inferred from various statements in the twenty-four books of Scripture. The most significant of them all is the fact that the mere report of his advent will strike terror into the hearts of all the kings of the earth, and their kingdoms will fall, neither will they be able to war or revolt against him. They will neither defame nor calumniate him, for the miracles he will perform will frighten them into complete silence. Isaiah refers to the submission of the kings to the Messiah in the verse, "Kings shall shut their mouth because of him." (52:15). He will slay whom he will, none will escape or be saved, as it is written, "And he shall smite the land with the rod of his mouth." (Isaiah 11:4). Revolution and war in the entire world, from East to West, will not cease at the beginning of the Messianic era, but only after the wars of Gog and Magog, as was indicated by Ezekiel. I do not believe that this man who has appeared among you posesses [sic] these powers."


so in addition to the rebbe having accomplished NONE of the requirements other than being a frum jew, he WAS known, and never even set foot in israel. rambam states that the movement will be from israel outwards to the rest of the world, not the reverse.
so of course youll claim that he just began the process and it will continue when he returns and ultimately completes all of the prerequisites. if this is a proper avenue for moshiachs trajectory why didnt the rambam mention it? why didnt he say that its possible a man who died could come back and fulfill the unfulfilled? rambam rejected jesus for some of these same reasons.
further, if a man who did NOT fill the requirements of moshiach cannot be excluded on the basis of his death, then in addition to the rebbe there are about 10,000,000 other dead religious jews for whom the same excuses can be made. so maybe we should all worship the 10,000,000 moshiachs in our midst? so what if theyre dead and didnt fulfill the requirements? they can all do that when they come back. and since these dead 10,000,000 also lived somewhere, we can call their houses "bais hamikdosh" too.
i know you dont see how psychotic you look, but everyone else does. theres an old saying that if one person tells you youre drunk and youre sure youre not, you ignore him. but if three people tell you so, its best to lay down.

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 18, 2013 at 08:18 PM

re-posted from earlier thread..


heres the rambam hilchos melachim chapter 11 :8 ,9

ח [ד] ואם יעמוד מלך מבית דויד הוגה בתורה ועוסק במצוות כדויד אביו, כפי תורה שבכתב ושבעל פה, ויכוף כל ישראל לילך בה ולחזק בדקה, ויילחם מלחמות ה'--הרי זה בחזקת שהוא משיח: אם עשה והצליח, וניצח כל האומות שסביביו, ובנה מקדש במקומו, וקיבץ נדחי ישראל--הרי זה משיח בוודאי.

ט ואם לא הצליח עד כה, או נהרג--בידוע שאינו זה שהבטיחה עליו תורה, והרי הוא ככל מלכי בית דויד השלמים הכשרים שמתו.

he lists the requirements for moshiach and they include getting ALL jews to follow the torah . that was certainly not accomplished.
then he must also defeat ALL of the surrounding nations . that too hasnt happened.
and finally he must build the bais hamikdosh IN ITS PLACE. as nice and holy as 770 is for chabad, it cant be considered the "place" referred to by rambam unless youre a delusional fool.
in fact rambam probably wasnt even aware of crown heights. so thats strike three. one strike is enough to disqualify one from being the moshiach.
then rambam says that if the candidate was unsuccessful OR died/was killed , that confirms his elimination as moshiach.
these words are clear to all but the psychologically impaired cult members.

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 18, 2013 at 04:59 PM

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts


While I will do my absolute best to avoid some of the name calling I am reading here I do have to tell you that I am appalled by your utterly dishonest attempt to justify through mis-quotes, false quotes and the utter scrubbing of context (something that is absolutely against all honest study of torah). The Rambam said absolutely nothing close to what you have posted, the discussion in Sanhedrin is specifically and clearly an agadic discussion around the idea that moshiach is born to every generation - and the Rabbis' opinion as to who he might be in tat generation. To make your point you not only have to ignore context, but you have to cleverly slice out Hillel (who opined there was no moshiach born).

Your statement as to the Law of Kings is simply false, as is what you claim to be in the Jerusalem Talmud.

I can only assume you are just barfing back that which you have been fed, and that is about as un-hallachic and antithetical to "real" Torah Judaism as it gets.

(The other) Eli

Hey, at least they're not proselytizing Jews for once

Account Deleted

Perfectly said,Skeptical Yid!
By the way,wiki is really helpul:


From VIN: "Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Sephardi Shas movement, ruled that a certain statement by the Lubavitcher Rebbe was “true heresy” and “idolatry"

Only a naive or uninformed person would trust a Chabad Shliach nowadays . They're no different than Messianic Jews or Jews for Jesus.

Account Deleted

Here's another proof Lubeabitches believe the Rebbe is alive(why else would they knock at his door?)


Shmarya is right . You are a liar. Soloveitchik that "Schneerson "can't be the Messiah - he is not living - a Messiah has to be living. A living Messiah, not a dead Messiah." He had also expressed shock at the idea that anyone could suggest that the Messiah could be from among the dead noting that "that could be possible in the Christian faith, but not Judaism" adding that this was "repugnant to everything Judaism represents." (Wiki). None of the other Rabbis you cite EVER endorsed meshichism or elokism. Only you and you fellow cultists say otherwise.


Posted by: Maskil | July 03, 2013 at 03:28 PM

Good one :-). It was just a sampling, not intended to be a comprehensive list.

Account Deleted

Mendel and Rabbi Ariel:Chabad is nothing more than a heretic Xtian-like off-shoot of Judaism which has pagan,idolatrous,racist,superstitious tenets.It's a complete mockery and joke which embarasses Jews all over the world!
Whenever gentiles see you dumb freaks swinging live chicken over your heads,knocking at the door where your god is buried for fear of disturbing him,receiving dollar notes by his ghost,stating that he resurrected from the dead and is currently alive,etc.they rightfully start laughing and feeling sorry for what they see as Judaism and Jews.I personally do not want ANYTHING to do with you foolish minim!

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

Schneerson was the Moshiach of a run down section in a crappy neighborhood in Brooklyn where few civilized people in their right minds would ever step foot.
Very impressive indeed. Definitely worth devoting your life to believing this.


Mendel –

You are, as usual lying and misrepresenting.

None of the rabbis you cite backed Chabad messianism as you and your twisted cohorts practice it.

You are sick, twisted, disgusting individual.

Yochanan Lavie

I'll concede the Rebbe, when he was alive, was a potential candidate for Moshiach. But we are not the Dead Messiah religion, and he has passed. I doubt that Feinstein, et al. would endorse a dead man for moshiach (since many on Mental's list have passed, we can't ask them). I sincerely doubt that a rationalist like Maimonides would endorse a dead messiah, twist his words as ye might. And as for Sarek's proof, if there's no hot fudge, it ain't moshiach (cf Woody Allen's Sleeper).


("Take the A Train", Billy Strayhorn, Joya Sherill)

You must take the Q train
To see the moshiach in Williamsburg
If you miss the Q train
You’ll find you missed the coming of moshiach

Hurry, come on, he’s a coming
Listen to the third temple being built
Get on the Q train
Soon you’ll be meeting the moschiach

You must take the Q train
To see the moshiach in Williamsburg

You must take the Q train
To see the moshiach in Williamsburg
If you miss the Q train
You’ll find you missed the coming of moshiach

Hurry, come on, he’s a coming
Listen to the third temple being built
Get on the Q train
Soon you’ll be meeting the moschiach

Next stop is Williamsburg

Next stop Williamsburg
Come on, get aboard the Q train

Get aboard
Come join the Chabad
Take the Q train


Mendel - so where is he already? I'm bored from waiting.

Will there be ice cream?


Here is an abridged list of respected rabbis who have condemned Chabad's messianic and Elokist cults

Among others, the following Jewish leaders or personalities have publicly stated that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the Leader of our Generation and/or best qualified to be the Presumptive Moshiach: Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, o.b.m.; Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel,Rabbi Ahron Soloveitchick.



Wow, that is one very short list. I'm shocked. I guess we live in the age of tolerance.


Here is an abridged list of respected rabbis who have condemned Chabad's messianic and Elokist cults:

Both Satmar Rebbes
Belzer Rebbe
Vizhniter Rebbe
Gerrer Rebbe
Rabbi Tzvi Hersch Weinreb
Rabbi Aharon Feldman
Rabbi Aharon Kotler
Rabbi Elazar Shach

So Mendel and Sokolovaky are considered apikorsim and Kofrim by both the Hassidic and Misnaged worlds. They're missionaries who represent a franchised cult that is parasitic upon established Jewish communities.


You mentally ill, lying little moron, I'm QUOTING the Ramabam.

You are not.

What you and your mentally ill cult member-friends are doing is DISTORTING the RAMBAM.

(I must also add that your moronic assertion that the gemara would not have brought an opinion the RAMBAM and halakha disagree with is laughable. Anyone who has learned knows that the gemara mentions stray opinions that are not the halakha now and were not the halakha when the gemara was compiled. You are true ignoramus.)



You show abysmally misinformed assumptions on this topic--hence the continued need to set the record straight.
Not only do your ignore what I posted above re King David, and Menachem ben Chizkia retaining their status after their death, but you continue to foist on the readers your fictive, and false conclusions.
According to the Rambam Moshiach comes in stages; once he is the hallachically presumed
Moshiach he retains that role until he reaches the final stages of vadai Moshiach which means he has rebuilt the temple and gathered in the exiled Jewish people.(BTW, sofek is the opposite of vadai and is a term the use of which is eschewed by Maimonides in favor of "presumed")
The final stages can only be precluded by his having been killed-- otherwise the Gemara in Sanhedrin 98B would not have said if he is from the ones who have already died he is Daniel.
For your sake and that of your mislead readers, here are the facts:

There are three stages to the coming of Moshiach:
The potential Moshiach that always exists at every moment.
The presumptive Moshiach (Maimonides, ibid, 11:4)
The confirmed Moshiach (ibid)
The presumptive Moshiach must be descended from King David and expert in all areas of Jewish law and thought; when such an individual will compel Israel to walk in the way of Torah, strengthen its observance, and fight the "wars of G-d," we recognize him as the presumptive Moshiach.
We are obligated to acknowledge an individual as the presumptive Moshiach during the process of accomplishing the three tasks in (2), even before they are completed.
A presumptive Moshiach who does not become the confirmed Moshiach still must be considered as a proper and complete king of the Davidic dynasty, to whom all the laws of kingship thus apply.
The confirmed Moshiach will, in addition, rebuild the Temple and gather the dispersed of Israel.
Afterwards, the confirmed Moshiach will improve the entire world so that all may serve G-d.
The confirmed/vadai Moshiach will bring about an era when the Jews are not subject to other powers, but spend their time learning Torah. Additionally, there will be so much material abundance for the whole world, everyone's occupation will be "solely to know G-d." (Maimonides, ibid, ch. 12)

Rabbi Ariel

>>>But you and your delusional counterparts continue to lie and distort the Ramabam and others to make your twisted points.

You are a sick, disgusting person.

Posted by: Shmarya Rosenberg | July 03, 2013 at 01:24 PM<<<

It seems that you are the one Shmarya who is distorting the Rambam 1st and foremost by not even spelling correctly :-)


Maybe they will open a Bernsteins on Essex version 2.

Nobody has matched that restaurant and oy a plate of meaty ribs there.


Mendel –

We've been through this before and your delusions – and your lies – are disgusting.

You write, "According to the Laws of Kings, it is only if he is “killed”, as was the case with Bar Kochba whom all of the sages of his generation deemed to be the “Anointed One” that all assurances are off."

What the Ramabam actually writes is as follows, "…if he does not succeed up to this point [of building the Temple, etc.] or he is killed, he is not the messiah promised by the Torah. he should be considered as any just and righteous king of the Davidic dynasty who ****died*****."

But you and your delusional counterparts continue to lie and distort the Ramabam and others to make your twisted points.

You are a sick, disgusting person.


all i see is an idiotic attempt to spread a new christianity at the pre-resurrection stage. at least the christians have a story that claims moshiach already came.

Despite what many have maintained, the assertion that if a proposed candidate for Moshiach “dies” before h complete his mission, only to “return from the dead” to finish it, he can no longer be “The Redeemer” is not according to Judaism.
And any protestations to the contrary are not based on facts but on fiction – possibly for fear that it is only Christians, or perish the thought, Lubavitchers, who believe so.

As any serious student of the Talmud—both the Babylonian and Jerusalem editions-- knows Moshiach can come from the “living” or the “dead”.

According to the Laws of Kings, it is only if he is “killed”, as was the case with Bar Kochba whom all of the sages of his generation deemed to be the “Anointed One” that all assurances are off.

In the second chapter of Brochos, in the Jerusalem Talmud there is a discussion among the sages, some eleven hundred years, after his “death, that King David was and still is the Messiah—even though he had yet to finish the job..

And in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedren 98b, it is stated that if he is “from those who are alive today” it is Rebbe; if “from those who have already died, it is Daniel”.
Similarly, Menachem ben Chiskia was named the Moshiach therein, and even now being in Gan Eden he retains his Messianic status; he like the others can be among the resurrected.

An important concept in Judaism is that there is a potential Moshiach for every
generation. For example, it is recorded that
the Ari Zal and the Baal Shem Tov were aware of the exact persons who were the
potential Moshiachs in their respective generations.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe explained the sources for this concept in a talk on Shabbos Parshas
Vayeira, 5752. He openly declared on many occasions that the Previous Rebbe was
the Moshiach of his generation, for example, in his talk on Simchas Torah, 5746. The
explanation the Rebbe gave on that occasion very directly implied that he himself,
as the successor of the previous Rebbe, is the Moshiach of our generation.

So too, in our time, it should come as no surprise that according to Jewish Law, as was the case with what the Lubavitcher Rebbe held about the previous Rebbe still being Moshiach after his apparent ”death”, that our Rebbe similarly, will be the “Final Redeemer”.


YL - if there is Moshiach Mao, is there also High Priest Reb Chou?

And why the Q train? What special magical properties does it have that the other lines lack?

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, APC.

Apologies to the Doobie Bros. (China Grove):

When the sun comes up on a sleepy subway train
Downtown it goes
And the folks are ridin' for another day,
avoiding sleeping hoes.
The Yidden of the town are strange
From Crown Heights many came.

Well, you're talkin' 'bout China Jews, wo, oy, oy,
Oy, China Jews.

Well, the Rebbe and his heavies,
L-rd, they're meshugeh, they are the talk of the town.
When the pamphlets get to flyin' about the dead messiah,
While the Son goes in the ground.
They say that the rabbi's insane
And missionary work is a game.

We're talkin' 'bout the China Jews, wo, oy, oy,
Oy, China Jews.

But ev'ryday there's Moshiach comin',
With a wave of oriental Jews.
The shiluach and his buddies
With their circumcised swords,
You can even hear the klezmer at night.
And though they're part of the Empire State
Yidden don't seem to care,
They just keep on lookin' to the Shtetl.

Talkin' 'bout the China Jews, oy, China Jews





+++who does alot more amazing work in spreading Torah and Chassidus in general and the message of the Rebbe King Moshiach in particular.

Posted by: Rabbiariel +++

where is the part which spreads torah? all i see is an idiotic attempt to spread a new christianity at the pre-resurrection stage. at least the christians have a story that claims moshiach already came.
youre delusional and dishonest. and this ad is a pathetic waste of somebodys money.


That's one solution to the shidduch crises.

Yochanan Lavie

We want Moshiach Mao!

Rabbi Ariel

These cards are designed and produced in many languages by Sarit: http://www.youtube.com/user/sarithadash
who does alot more amazing work in spreading Torah and Chassidus in general and the message of the Rebbe King Moshiach in particular.


i think this is pretty cool.
origin? i think that someone has a big factory or is doing business in china. and he/she believes the rebbe is moshiach.
so they now think they are an even better jew because they had these
made...maybe at the very factory they own or manage.
it's a collectors item.
some people are into art, some into filmmaking, some into skiing...
this person is very obviously into thinking the rebbe is moshiach.
who really knows who moshiach is.
it could be the old shoemaker in a little shop underneath the subway. whoever it is....should have been here LONG ago...


Chabad wants all gentiles (including Chinese) to be coolies to "the chosen ones" (eg: the Chabad hierarchy) using the same sick mindset as Schneur Zalman used in describing his warped view of the world in Tanya.

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