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July 23, 2013


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R Nash

While most people do not associate measles with fatal risks, that is because in previous decades, people were exposed to the disease and the body immunized itself to some extent. When the disease was introduced to the natives in America, there was a period of time when they died from it.

R Nash

Many of these outbreaks are the direct result of magic medicine. Along with the nonsensical oriental "medicine", homeopathy, reflexology, lead pouring, arm waving, etc. comes the lovely antiVAX movement. Fear mongering about vaccination and lies about medicine and science play directly into sick and dead children. So what's the harm in magical thinking and medical conspiracy theories? You tell me.


But the jews do not believe in Rabbi Mental Hygine. (Sic:)


I see the negel wasser, davening and extra learning finally kicked in

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