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July 03, 2013


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old time brooklyn

permit = tinsel


"Hasidim behaving badly. Dog bites man."
More like "Dog eats kibble"


Have the Charedim got a special minhag to break the law and create antisemitism?


Hasidim behaving badly. Dog bites man. >


What's a permit?

Luke. :)


Waiting for the screams of "Antisemitism!"


I totally believe that the corrupt anti-Semitic town purposely "changed" the rules of the game in order to persecute Mendel Lerner and the innocent, righteous people of Bobov. Bobov's superior level of humanity and character is personified in their unity and "achdus" (Bobov '45, Bobov '48, Bobov '63.4' etc etc).

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