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June 06, 2013


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Manuel Ferrara

I am in a similar situation, I asked my rabbi who was talmid muvhak of Rav Avigdor Miller if it is permitted to shot and kill Justin Bieber.

He answered me that it is not only permitted but it is s mitzvah from deoraisa and the sooner the better.

So here I go...


Another thing - the people who continually harp on the biblical injunction against a woman dressing like a man conveniently ignore the fact that when that was written, most men were wearing dresses.


"The rabbi responded by telling the teen that shooting Women of the Wall members was forbidden under and a contradiction to halakha, Jewish law."

Obviously a kofer! How did a liberal rabbi sneak in there?

(The other) Eli

Maskil, that's actually one of the common criticisms against the WoW. Which is absurd tbh, since the prohibition on crossdressing means trying to appear as a man to blend in with other men. They are clearly in their own service and are identifying themselves as women, so this does not fall under that criteria.
Shawls are legitimately worn by women fashionably, many of which would actually be a kosher beged for a talit by orthodox standards (hell, walk down the Upper East Side to see).
Also, the robes which Hassidim and some litvish Jews wear have buttons on the left, which is feminine. As are some of the hats they wear. Yet I don't see anyone complaining that they are trying to give Ru Paul a run for his money

Nigritude Ultramarine

"Oh NU, come on ... Firstly, crossdressing is punishable by flogging."

First of all, I was being facetious. Second, you presume "yeshiva" students are capable of reasonable thought.

"Secondly, I haven't looked at the site but who's to say that was even the presumed transgression here?"

The most distinctive feature of WoW members as individuals, empirically speaking, is the fact that each one of them wears a tallis. In the past, that has been enough to "grind the gears" of many of their detractors.

"Also, it is unliky that the student was Haredi; it's a Dati-Leumi site."

What a relief (cf. Yigal Amir).


Oh NU, come on ... Firstly, crossdressing is punishable by flogging. Secondly, I haven't looked at the site but who's to say that was even the presumed transgression here? Third, the yeshiva world is accustomed to posing extreme hypotheticals to weigh severity and measure clear boundries. Finally, on Kippa.com I've seen the question: איזה ברכה מברכים על נטילת ידים? To which the answer was ... well, the bracha itself. It's full of things most people would consider silly little nothings.

Also, it is unliky that the student was Haredi; it's a Dati-Leumi site.

Are there even any unnamed yeshivot in Jerusalem? Sounds suspicious.

Nigritude Ultramarine

Of course, death is the punishment for a woman wearing a "man's" garment. What else could it be? Why did you have to waste the rabbi's time with your inane question?

Good grief!

I believe the minimum IQ needed to serve as a basic infantryman in a modern army throughout the Western world is 85. Evidently, the minimum IQ needed to learn in an Israeli yeshiva today is below that level.

Is an influx of yeshiva students, forced to serve by a draft, really going to be smart enough and motivated enough to complete IDF basic training?


I have to ask. Where were they going on the field trip??

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