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June 27, 2013


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I don't see it. Just looks like a map of Israel to me. I did see the image of Jesus in my toast this morning. But no, just a map of Israel here. Move along.


Edith I'm waiting for the day when someone defends the halacha without snarling.

Maybe I need to go back in time.

Friar Yid

Edith- thanks for bringing the stupid comment count up to lucky 13.


that's funny yochanan
have a sweet shabbat


So they can just wear their "special" glasses and they don't need to see anything!

Yochanan Lavie

First we had "Archie Bunker." Now, we have the dingbat, Edith.


Amedeo Modigliani says hi edith.


12 stupid comments. You are on a Jewish website and Jewish law probably doesn't approve of a naked woman statue. So you are really bashing Halacha. I guess none of you keep anything anyway.


Maybe if they stare at a statue of a naked woman, they will leave the little boys alone

Chicago Sam

Isn't nice to know Chabad is so careful about public nudity and beastial behavior? I wonder what Rabbi Lisbon would say?

Chicago Sam

Maybe they should cover their faces so their faces will not appear "naked."

Friar Yid

Maybe they got all huffy when they heard the naked statue was going to be "erected."

Chicago Sam

Next, they'll be urging people to put clothes on their animals, so they don't appear naked.


"could encourage unrestrained bestializing"

I believe that the grammatically correct statement would be "unrestrained beastiality." The term "bestializing" would seem to refer to the attempted conversion of others to a beastial lifestyle. Sort of a deviant kiruv. This, I believe, the pious Rabbi Axelrod could identify with.


sculptures of men (not just women) are some of the most beautiful art/kunst at the met here in new york..this is all art. but....honestly....i don't know how i would decide if i were mayor of haifa or jerusalem as far as an outdoor sculpture.

but to say this brings on bestialzing is just plain STUPID.


+++could encourage unrestrained bestializing+++

Mmmm....that's all they ever think about.


well, there go ANY visits to the metropolitan museum of art for any haradi children in the tri-state area.
and haredi children in paris, rome, madrid, zurich, los angeles,london, amsterdam, tel aviv, moscow, etc.


That part of Haifa is a mess sociologically.

Also both Arab Christians and Muslims who live there are extremely conservative in their world view..A statue of a naked woman would be offensive to them.


All this fixation with womans naked body would not be if theese rabbis would truly love their wifes, a womans body is the real true love of god.

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