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June 17, 2013


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Dr. Dave

His predecessor, Gerald Tremblay, a gentile, also resigned upon corruption charges.

Applebaum's corruption charges stem from years before he became mayor. He is denying all charges and claims to have quit to fight the charges.

Applebaum was also the first English-speaking mayor of Montreal in a century.


The letter is not a blessing to run for city council, but for a safe pregnancy,
Read it, please.

Allan Nadler

Applebaum is absolutely Montreal's first Jewish mayor. There was never a Jewish mayor in the 1930's. As for Chabadnik Zajdel, his corruption runs much deeper; his last phoney job engendered a national scandal across Canada; seems the Rebbe didn't foresee any of this, despite his supernatural powers.....

not my real name

not that it matters, but he is not Montreal's first Jewish mayor. there was one in the 30s, and there have been several jewish mayors of the towns that used to make up montreal before they were merged.
also he was not elected mayor.

I'm from Missouri

Obviously he was inspired by the Chabad Rabbi in the photo!

Voice of Truth

I can't Believe it. How shocking apparently non Hareidim also do the same crimes


just wonderful. and saulie wore his yarmulke proudly.



Oy! A shandah for the goyem.

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