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June 23, 2013


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Bud Smith

Jews work together in a syndicate to rob blind the native population of whatever nation they live in. Insider trading is the number one way wealthy Jews make their money. Jews are taught Goyim are animals whose sole purpose is to serve Jews. It's no wonder they've been kicked out of every European nation at least once.

tola'at seforim

is there an unedited version of the clip or a transcript?


"Rabbi Lesches is a nice guy. Ask anyone in Sydney who knew him for 25 years."

Posted by: Edith | June 22, 2013 at 11:36 PM

Well I was there for some of those 25 years....
Lesches was vocal of his opinion on Goyim...He was open about how he saw them as idiots and 2nd class citizens...

Lesches is the reason why I have not been frum for the past 25 years....

And YES...I accept full responsibility for the current investigation in Sydney as it was my statement to Moorabbin police that got the ball rolling.....

Ichmain it will be alright Lesches...))


The face of Hasidic Jewry - unbelievable depravity bordering on madness. This is what others read and hear and, having heard, use to form opinions of Jews or else use to support their own insane racist rants. Someone should get a syphilis serology on him - maybe there's a 'medical' etiology for this total loss of moral direction and simple decency.


"as opposed to "Centrist Orthodoxy" which is plainclothes chareidism"

THANK you.

Chicago Sam

Chabad seems to have a Teflon exterior; nobody seems to stick. Surprisingly, people around the country continue praising Chabad, while singing its praises. Nobody in the non-Chabad and secular world ever condemns Chabad's long record of racism toward the Ethiopian Jewish community.

Deviants like Rabbi Lecher are perceived as an aberration, rather than as a symptom of a pathological organization that desperately needs a serious overhauling--from the top to the bottom.

Eli, what me messiah?

Lesches could be evil, corrupt, stupid, or likely all three, but his racist and pedophilia-justifying comment can only make you wonder just how pervasive this screwed up mentality is across Chabad. with all due respect to those schluchim who are decent folk, there those like Lesches who are just scary nutcases.

I don't think he wandered off the ranch with these comments. He just forgot these views are not for public consumption.


Yochanan wrote:

"Would not be surprised if a Nazi site like Stormfront picked up this "rabbi's" remarks and posted them as an example of "what they really think of gentiles."

I reply:

This guy and the authors of StormFront are cut from the same cloth, although StormFront is much more analytical and intellectually intelligent than this low-intellect Russian peasant fool.


This is the kind of mindset that is the result of following an inherently bigoted and misogynist manifesto as the basis on how to live one's life....the Talmud that is. Perhaps there are some interesting stories in there, and perhaps you can be somewhat impressed by some of the logical thinking described in there, but there is an underlying attitude within the Talmud towards outsiders and women that is inherently WRONG!!

I remember learning in Jewish History classes (in an orthodox institution) how throughout history there were those (including Jews who left the fold) that informed the authorities and sought to outlaw the Talmud as it was a racist document and how horrible these people were and how the noble Jews fought to save their holy tradition but when you actually read the attitudes espoused within, a rational person can only conclude that these 'evildoers' were absolutely correct.

This Rabbi's laughable tirade is just an extreme example of the horrible worldview that emerges from those that cling to this outdated relic. The general attitude of entitlement and mistrust of the outside world is a more common result but harmful to society as a whole and to secular jews (who still believe in the usefulness of cultural affiliation) nonetheless.

Yochanan Lavie

AK: Modern Orthodoxy (as opposed to "Centrist Orthodoxy" which is plainclothes chareidism) is not like this, either.


I am absolutely convinced that the overwhelming majority of people associated with, and following the path of Chabad Lubavich are decent people who simply want to worship HaShem in the way they feel to be "correct"

Fine (well, not really, but I won't argue the point) - as long as they keep it to themselves and stop fishing for other people's kids. "We aren't trying to make them frum; we're just trying to get them to perform mitzvot!" Uh huh.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

"Clearly the Rb is s great Talmid Chochom who has done much good in his life."

Fact not in evidence.


Perhaps a bit strong.

I am absolutely convinced that the overwhelming majority of people associated with, and following the path of Chabad Lubavich are decent people who simply want to worship HaShem in the way they feel to be "correct". They are faced with two issues. First being, they are being led by the most corrupt people on the planet. The second being that they accept the teachings of these corrupt individuals.

First is clearly not their fault, the second just as clearly is.

Fir what it s worth, I know of no one in Chabad (that does not have "Rabbi" as a title) who would not agree with my assessment. Until we open the eyes of these sheep who follow blindly, and the sheep of the secular world who fund these corrupt men just as blindly.......

Alter Kocker

And this is why we as Jews are being pushed to turn our backs on these ignorant cultists. Non-Jews do not see the massive divisions between Conservative, Reform and Orthodox. We have to distance ourselves from the practice of Judaism that encourages this mindlessness. I do not give a flying fuck whether or not the Rabbi is a nice guy, if he pulls tzedakah out of his ass on an hourly basis. To the rest of us, his mindset is strychnine. Absolute poison. The Anti-semites are given a sword with which to turn the world against us and this piece of human garbage is held up as a prime example of what the Jewish people are like. If this shit was around in the 30's the west might just have condoned the murder of 6 million as we truly look like an infestation of filthy vermin. Muzzle this prick or change our names from Jews, because we cannot identify with the religion espoused by this sick fuck.


Don't you say ANYTHING....and YOU know who I am talking to. Your other rebbe has his damn fish, you need something more.

Nigritude Ultramarine

@Edith "Could be because his head is always in seforim and he has not spent enough time on sites like this, and not thought this through, [...]"

Not thought this through? How about: He's simply a moron?

החכם עיניו בראשו - קוהלת ב, יד

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Baha Men (Who let the dogs out):

Who let the goyim out {oy!, oy!, oy!, oy!, oy!} x3
Who let the goyim out.

Verse # 1:
The fabrengen was nice, the rabbi was pimpin' {Yidden-Yi-Yo}
And everybody wearin' prayer shawls {Hah, hah, Yidden Yi Yo}
I tell the chevra "start the name callin'" {Yidden Yi Yo}
And Lesches responds to the call {hah, hah, hah, hah}
Heard a rabbi shout out:

Who let the goyim out {oy!, oy!, oy!, oy!, oy!} x4

Rap # 1:
I see ya little gentile head up our coats
she really want to get down,
Get back Buffy, back Muffy,
Get back you sin infested gentile!

Verse # 2:
Gonna tell myself "Oy, man, no get angry" {Hey-ya, Yidden, Yi, Yo}
To any girls balling them canines {Hey! Yidden, Yi, Yo}
But they tell me "Oy Man, It's tchulent with barley!"
You put a woman in front and her dog behind {Yidden Yi, Yo}
Heard Lesches shout out:


A gentile is nuttin' if she don't have a bone.
Oy doggy hold my smartphone, Oy doggy hold it!
A doggy is nuttin' if she don't have a bone!
Oy doggy hold my smartphone. Oy doggy hold it!


Rap # 1:
I see ya little gentile head up our coats
she really want to get down,
Get back Buffy, back Muffy,
Get back you sin infested gentile!

Rap # 2:
Nu, if I am a Yid,
the fabrengen's on:
I gotta get my Jews,
'Cause my mind done gone.
Do you see the rays comin' from the sky
Walkin' through the place that Rebbe-man is breakin' it down?
Me and my white shirt's sharp
And I can't see color
Only black will do
I'll stick on you that's why they call me "kosher glue"
'Cause I'm the man of Brooklyn
When they see me they say... Nu?

(Chorus repeat to fade)


OK, enough with the "let's kill him" crap. That just puts you on the same level as him.

Having said that,
Lesches: moron? criminal? compulsive liar? mentally ill?

I cannot decide. (may be multiple answers)

YL, nice.


if the chaBAD sect were allowed to have dogs , they will be the first to have sex with dogs . lesches wishes they could . at least, they will give a break to all these young boys that are constantly molested by men and young men adults , bc they have no access to girls and are forbidden to have sex with women , only if they r married . but in between , what can they do ?


"The smiling neighborhood shiluach will not tell his dupes what people like Tuches really think.

"Seemed like a frum fling, only to find
Mucho frum lust. Love in the behind."

"I would not be surprised if a Nazi site like Stormfront picked up this 'rabbi's' remarks and posted them as an example of 'what they really think of gentiles.' Chillul Hashem doesn't begin to describe it."

All excellent. All true.


Clearly the Rb is s great Talmid Chochom who has done much good in his life. That doesn't give him immunity from errors and is culpable for his actions or lack thereof.

Both legally and halachically the consent of a minor is worthless and the act remains the criminal act of statutory rape and under Jewish law sodomy is a serious transgression at any age.

Mesira for such crimes is not applicable and failure to alert the police is a certain breach of responsibility if not actually aiding and abetting the crime.

Not only should the perpetrators be brought to justice, the rabbis who delayed reporting to the police must also be publicly reprimanded if not totally ostracised, for their roles in these sordid affairs.

Whether 'goyim' do or don't think about sex 24/7 has no relevance to the orthodox jewish life. And a person in authority, such as a rabbi, must 1, ensure that serious matters are reported to the relevant authorities, & 2, must recognise their own limitations, a rov who has spent his entire life in talmudic studies has no qualifications in marriage guidance or sex therapy. Just as if a person were to ask a rov how much concrete is required for the foundations of his new house, the rov would advise to consult a construction engineer, so too when a rov is asked about marriage or sexual disorders he should advise to consult the relevant qualified practitioners.

If a rov fails in his duties and undertakes the role of a professional to help the victim or perpetrator, without success, he must shoulder the consequences of his errors.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

@Edith and Shana

Anyone who postulates that 5 year old goyim have sex with dogs is not (by any standard recognized in civil society) a "nice guy". He's a monster.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Hal.

I would not be surprised if a Nazi site like Stormfront picked up this "rabbi's" remarks and posted them as an example of "what they really think of gentiles." Chillul Hashem doesn't begin to describe it.


Great job YL. Here's another classic that you may not have to adapt at all because it's all about lying leaders and the fantasies they rope us into.

And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

Pete Townshend)

Thus sums up my experience with the frum world.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks WSC. I would like to do an Asifa. All those interested write me @ yochananlavie145@gmail.com.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

YL, if there's another FM Asifa in the works, include me in.

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

YL, Hal, awesome and thanks.

And thanks to Debbie Harry and Jewish rocker Chris Stein of Blondie who wrote that song.


the chassidim are the ones who think about sex 24 hours . they r sex crazed , trapped into their extremely frustrated insular world in which almost everything is forbidden . chassidim r sex obcessed and will do sex with anybody . men with boys , all the time ( they have no access to girls easily ), fathers with their daughters , uncles with nieces or their friends ) ........that's the way the insular Chassidic world works . a world full of unthinkable acts , covered up or denied .

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: Heart Of Glass by Blondie:

Once I had tchulent and it was a gas,
Rabbi Lesches got a heart that's crass.
Seemed like the frum thing, only to find.
Macho misuse. Love in the behind

Once I had a Rebbe and he was divine.
Soon found out. I was losing my mind
He seemed like the Godhead, but I was so blind
Mental misuse. Love in the behind

In between "a little mikveh teasing" and "I'm paying fines",
love is so confusing
There's no piece that's mine.
If I fear I'm losing God,It's just not good.
You sleazy bearded Jew.

Once I had tchulent and it was a gas,
Rabbi Lesches got a heart that's crass.
Seemed like the frum thing, only to find.
Macho misuse. Love in the behind

Lust misguide, adorable illusion and I cannot hide.
I'm the one you're using, please don't push too hard.
The Mitzvah Tanks are cruising, yeah.

Yeah, riding high on love's true Jewish light.

Oy, oy, oy, vey! x4

Once I had a Rav and he was a blast,
He soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.
Seemed like a frum fling, only to find
Mucho frum lust. Love in the behind.

(hat tip: Hal)

Yochanan Lavie

The smiling neighborhood shiluach will not tell his dupes what people like Tuches really think.


Once I had a love and it was divine
Soon found out I was losing my mind
It seemed like the real thing but I was so blind
Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind



You ever heard Osama Ben Laden talk? He sounded pretty nice to me.

No way

Ok very nice words.....
What are the consequences for those 'rabbis' and we can name quite a few, that are still members of these organizations? When will the RCV and ORA discipline their own members by suspending their memberships or something in that line. O I forgot are they not all interrelated? Difficult to suspend our uncle, cousin, nephew or fellow executive member. Come on honorable rabbis of Australia make a real stand. Tired of the words.......



Is there anything that Lesches could say that would make you reconsider the whole "He's a nice guy" thing?

Like if he'd say "I think killing people for sport is kind of neat" would you still say "He has some messed up ideas but he's basically a nice guy"?

That's what you seem to be missing here. By definition, someone who says that having sex with an 11 year old isn't that bad because some 11 year olds want it is promoting pedophilia and someone who promotes pedophilia cannot be a nice guy by definition even if he walks little old ladies across the street, gives lots of tzedakah and always has a nice, gentle manner about him.

It's offensive when people you like rush to defend someone like this who promotes evil behavior to defenseless, innocent children.


There's a patter in the charedi world, this way of talking. There's probably a good word for it, rhetoric maybe. But it's bombastic, theoretical but bad theory, just crazy, non-grounded sophistry. They are so full of themselves that they don't even try to make sense. Whatever comes out of the mouth must be emes because the one speaking has a black hat. That's the way these nuts work. They don't even know when they make sense. As long as you use the buzz words you are fine.


Oi a broch. What about Rabbi Glick from Melbourne Yeshivah centre under Police investigation? Did they confiscate his passport?

Emanuel Newgant

If not so dangerous, it would be amusing. RCV: "It is deeply regrettable and shocking that there still do exist some individuals out here on the fringe...". Retroactively, anyone that becomes embarrassing for Chabad (and the majority of the RCV are Chabad) is suddenly on the "fringe", never was a shaliach etc. Exactly how is Lesches "fringe"? Ex head of Sydney Beis din, Sydney Chabad Yeshivah Gedola, now a Rabbi of a Chabad community in Monsey.

Seraphya Berrin

So can we expect the RCV to never again honor him as they did recently?

Is the RCV, by condemning the approach taken to CSA but not the racism, condoning the racism?
I guess maybe they can't get themselves to lie on this issue so flagrantly when we know the ideology of chabad and chabad Melbourne especially are extremely racist.

Bruce J Cooke

Postal Address: 619 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne Vic 3004

T: 0418 585856 E: executive@rcv.org.au W: www.rcv.org.au

For Immediate Publication

RCV's reaction to comments by Rabbi Lesches

The Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) is appalled by, and unequivocally distances itself from, comments attributed to

Rabbi Boruch Lesches as reported inThe Age (23 June 2013). As stated on numerous occasions,

the RCV encourages the reporting of all incidents of child sexual abuse to the police.

In recent years the RCV, in conjunction with the Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence (JTAFV),

has held numerous training sessions for its members and members of the Victorian Rabbinate in general; these sessions have been

focussed on appropriate response to disclosures of all forms of abuse, including the reporting of child sexual abuse to the police.

RCV President Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant said that any suggestion that the reported comments

are "consistent with the approach of many seniororthodox Jewish figures in the community" is malicious in nature and incorrect.

"It is deeply regrettable and shocking that there still do exist some individuals out here on the fringe in the religious leadership world who

take positions contrary to the clearcut contemporary halachic (Jewish law) approach on the matter of child sexual abuse."

"The RCV will continue to promote the reporting of abuse to the police and to

renounce any suggestions or individuals who take a contrary position on this matter," said Rabbi Kluwgant.



Shmarya, you might like to edit Tuvia's comment.


Tuvia; I don't know the details of the accident but it seems you don't either because it happened years before lesches left Sydney. Lesches left at around the same time Feldman school fell apart probably because there was no money to pay him.


His remarks reflect a worldview common among fundamentalists of all religions - that humans are afflicted with torrential urges that can only be controlled through strict adherence to a fundamentalist lifestyle.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people in that age group grew up at a time where this was hush hush and have really not been taught about the repercussions of milestones actions or for that matter how painful it is for the victims when rabbis seem to support the perpetrators."

You really think it's better now?


[redacted by siteowner]

I grew up in Sydney and attended Yeshiva College on Flood Street. I had a Lesches in my class who happened to be an obnoxious little shit. He would curse 'Ze Goyim' non-stop. He probably learnt this type of behaviour from his scum bag father.
The article forgot to mention the reason why the Lesches' left to Monsey. Or 'fled', I should say.
Rabbi Lesches ran over and killed a young boy in Bondi. The boy was only a 'mere goy' so it didn't upset him much.
Rabbi and Rebetzin Lesches had 11 disgusting, racist children who are likely to turn out just like him.

[redacted by siteowner]

Emanuel Newgant

shana | June 23, 2013 at 12:30 AM
There are some lines which, when crossed, mean that one does not have to dig around about why the person that crossed the line is really ok, fine in all other respects. He crossed such a line. He should not be a Rabbi of a community with the views he holds,just like Manis should not be a therapist etc. One would have to be completely convinced, over a serious period of time, perhaps years, that by their actions, not words, they really understood what they did wrong, and that they had truly changed. But it's worse: their views are widespread among the Ultra-Orthodox, and are not changing any time soon.


"Rabbi Lesches is now one of New York's leading ultra-Orthodox figures."

Who gave them this nonsense?
He is the rabbi of one out of a couple Chabad synagogues in Monsey.It's the biggest Chabad shul there but that is not saying much.The Lubavitch community inmonsey is not very big
I"m quite certain that outside of Lubavitch he is a virtual unknown

Seraphya Berrin

There are always people who say "he was a nice guy, we couldn't imagine him saying/doing this;" Even about mass-murders, sex criminals and thieves. We have to realize that evil doesn't manifest itself in real life the way it does in movies. Evil people may appear as loving family and community oriented folks.
Is this man a truly evil who hid behind all the good he did?

There are a few scenarios:
A) He was an awful person all along but he disguised it well. Sometimes people look nice on the outside but the truth is much worse.

B) He was a genuinely nice person in many respects but he had a hateful ideology drummed into him which he came to identify with. Some ex-neo-nazis and ex-terrorists are genuinely nice people once they have rejected the hatred they were taught.

It could be a combination of both. I find it much likelier that he has been warped by chabad ideology. Chabad will do its best to convince us that we don't understand him properly out of context and that he is from a different time.

Whether or not chabad warped his mind or he warped his own mind, thinking that a kid was asking for sex from an adult is not excusable. You can't just say he is older or doesn't know better. That may be partially true, but still his way of thinking means that I would not trust my kids around him or around anyone who respects him.


Lesches is confused, give me a g d f break here,
nothing to add.
There is no teshuva for Manis, and not for Lesches who sounds like he has dementia, but i know nothing about him. Manis, is fn evil, his remarks revictimized all of the survivors. yeah like diarrhea everyone quotes HIM ON that, nice quick phrase, but let him PR his way out of the above. "'are you so holy that no one can touch you???"., manis WHERE ARE YOU TELL US YOUR THINKING ON THIS ISSUE?????


Emmanuel people can be nice and have a completely wrong view on something. But sometimes on this site it seems that as soon as you have a wrong view, everyone completely trashes every single part of you as a person. None of us are perfect. Far from it. But when a person makes a comment like lesches did no mater how disgusting. It's not ok for people to start bashing who he is as a person altogether. I am the last person to say that he is a misunderstood individual and everyone should give him a break. What he said was and still is completely wrong and if it was my child I would have a thing or two to say. But that doesn't take away from him being a nice person. Unfortunately, a lot of people in that age group grew up at a time where this was hush hush and have really not been taught about the repercussions of milestones actions or for that matter how painful it is for the victims when rabbis seem to support the perpetrators. You are right they are deeply ingrained views. No one should apologise for those views but no one should be saying things like dirty sick old man. Should be kept away from his kids etc., they don't even know him


If a soulless piece of goy-filth had said that kind of thing about erhlicher yidden you'd be screaming to God Almighty about how he was an anti-Semite, just like Hitler, so on, so forth. But since he speaks Yiddish and has a bobbed dick you rush to defend him.


Edith and Shae, if he said this filth he's not a "nice guy". He's a racist bigot. He's a charming sociopath. He wants to make sure perverts can fuck little children up the ass in perfect safety. But he's not a "nice guy".

It really is that simple.

[redacted by siteowner]

Emanuel Newgant

I'm with Hal. Never ceases to amaze how they come out of the woodwork with "He's really a nice guy", "Didn't think it through" etc. What's to think thru? Like with Manis, these are his deeply held and ingrained views which unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the world, slipped out.


Can't take it anymore.


Like Edith said lesches is a really nice guy but he got this terribly wrong and I was quite shocked to hear this from him. I think someone needs to sit him down and explain what the repercussions of all this is.

Lesches always did things for the community and always had altruistic intent. He never tried to make a quick buck off the community like so many other rabbis who are involved in this abuse case.

With lesches he always said things the way the were he is not a political person unlike others involved in this case who twisted and turned to make themselves look better.


This f'er clearly has dementia. WHY does the chabad establishment (you now, maybe someone important one of the g'dolim) lock this f'er up. and while he's at it nichnas, and they shouod locke the door on the two of them.
Tsemed chemed. (just a minor difference in philosophy), the shmutz the bottom of the Chabad world. A shonda on Chabad, which i, counter culturally do not despise, but these two, in the cel, lock them up, Maybe Mf CAN LEARN ABOUT THE SUBJECT THAT HE THINKS HE IS AN EXPERT ON, FIRST HAND., (NO PUN INTENDED)., hAHEFECH,


Rabbi Lesches is a nice guy. Ask anyone in Sydney who knew him for 25 years. What he said is stupid and sad. Could be because his head is always in seforim and he has not spent enough time on sites like this, and not thought this through, although it's not really rocket science. Anyone who thinks paedophilia doesn't need to be reported to police should read this:


Molesting children has severe consequences. By not going to police the paedophile is allowed to continue raping kids and it's not something they can stop doing.


This is a unique insight into what is really being said behind closed doors.

The rest is just window dressing.

In have been behind those closed doors and heard many of these opinions first hand.

It disgusted me, and It is why I have a healthy skepticism about many things in life.


what this nut lesches is saying applies to chaBAD . there is a lot of sexual abuse , molestation and incest in the chaBAD community and it is all covered up . children and adults live with their pain all their lives or are on medication . that's the sad , but true reality of the chaBAD insular world .

an idiot like lesches is, who does not know the goyish world , cannot take the liberty to make such strong statement about goyim that's not true at all.

lesches should be sent back to the gulag in Russia where he belongs


this is the evil that can arise from people whose knowledge of the world and moral compass derives solely from the words of men who lived in the bronze age as interpreted by men 2000 years ago.


What a disgusting, sick, dirty old man! If this jerk believes that sex with an 11 year-old child of either sex can be consensual and that non-Jewish children routinely have sex with other family members and dogs, no wonder he doesn't report abuse as part of his responsibility to children under his tuition. He probably thinks he is doing a favor to the child by not revealing the child's "sins." Obviously, he should not be allowed near children, even his own.

Bas Melech

What planet is this man from? Maybe he himself was in a mental hospital with goyim who spoke of their sexual "encounters" as children. For Lesches to even entertain such outrageous thoughts, he himself must be a pervert.


A worthy disciple of the "rebbe shlita".

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