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May 27, 2013

We Search The Internet So You Don't Have To – All Our Computers Are Filtered

Online-Services ad copy 5-2013Haredi Web search and shopping company offers to search the Web for haredim, pay their bills, shop for them, all online. And do not worry, rabbis – all their computers are filtered.

Online-Services ad copy 5-2013


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1. If they're filtered why can't frumppl (frum ppl) do it themselves?
2. Will they post comments on FM for the frumppl?
3. David, what's up with your obvious recurring need to be disciplined by Shmarya.

@dh "1. If they're filtered why can't frumppl (frum ppl) do it themselves?"

You are on target.

Frumppl can't do it because there is no money in it.

"Just follow the money" -- Deep Throat (a.k.a. former Federal Bureau of Investigation Associate Director Mark Felt)

David-You would be better of commiting youreself into a lunatic asylem.

David, check out a comparable period of time before you darkened our doorstep. You'll find the same amount of posts by Shmarya. Look closely. He posts are generated on a number of different devices from wherever he happens to be. He's not leashed to his computer. You are ..... and you're not even making money from it.

Visit the closets of every Haredi household, there buried deep, but still plugged in, you will find laptops, radios (with headphones), TV's (likewise). The chosen few that I have visited of late are proud of their deviousness and are prouder still that they have not as yet been found out.

The Gedolim fear wide-spread outward use of the internet as exposes their corruption and greed. It is a tool for the great unwashed to learn about things the orthodox rabbis do not want to expose. Knowledge is a dangerous thing for a cult as it wakes up the membership. It gets them to self-examine. They begin to question. If they question and do not get answers, they are likely to dig deeper. The Rabbis absolutely hate that as it exposes their pronouncements as the sham and pretension that they are. AND then it all comes down to dollars. If you keep people uninformed and ignorant, their funds will flow. If your accolytes begin to see the holes in your arguments, they become less likely to part with their money. Eventually, the cult members get tired of the unanswered questions. The cult gets left by the wayside. G-D willing.

Can you please leave David's comments up so that we all can see his stupidity...?

So now i have to pay somebody to pay my bills,and i have to trust him not to steal from me.

++and i have to trust him not to steal from me.++

Jancs, you know how trustworthy the frumma are if you give them your bank account number or your credit card.

all your base are belong to us

"all your base are belong to us"


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