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May 26, 2013


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BTW even Aryeh Deeri served in the Army..

Alter Kocker

R. Yosef,
Keep talking that way. The government has finally grown a set of testes. They may just condsider your words as treason, sedition and possibly incitement. Your followers will be in the army and you will be watching from prison.


Note he is not against charedeim serving in the army.
He is against the forced draft of people actively studying in yeshivas.

Many of Shas voters are not even Orthodox.


"They shall speak and not a soul will follow them"

Right, that's why there's an increasing number of Haredi soldiers.

These old fossils are so out of touch with reality it's unbelievable.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

Parasites. Nothing but parasites.


I hope God does a better job for them than he did for my Galitzianer relatives in 1942, when almost all of them perished. But I guess Holocaust studies are not part of the Haredi course of studies.


So far it looks like
Chiloni Devils - millions
Adonai - 0

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