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May 27, 2013


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Bernie Moskowitz Dov, the coalition agreement that your party signed said that if a chareidi doesn't sign for the draft, there would be economic sanctions. Now, your party says that unless there are CRIMINAL sanctions, you are leaving the government. Do you agree with this? And why the switch?
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Dov Lipman The legal advisors explained that the law would not get through the Supreme Court with financial sanctions because then it is not a law. Furthermore, it is simply not right to take people who have little money and literally starve them. So, the law says that as long as the army meets its goals in the draft then there won't be jail time but if it doesn't then the criminal issue arises. No one wants to arrest anyone. There will be incentives to help entice guys to serve and the goals will be met.
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"Yeshiva students who refuse to appear for military service will not be criminally charged, as had been planned. Instead they will be subject to economic sanctions, losing virtually all government support."

"Currently it seems that the criminal sanctions against avoiding service will not be included in the final outline, but economic sanctions are expected to be extremely severe"


jancsibacs: I suspect that most of my grandfather's Galitzianer relatives thought he was crazy for leaving Europe a hundred years ago (1913). After WWI, he brought over the rest of his immediate family. His sister and her family had left Europe a few years before him. Almost all of the relatives who stayed behind in Europe, were killed in the fall of 1942 in one or two Einsatzgruppen aktions. I have learned my history.

I don't suppose Haredi schools teach their students about the Weimar years in Germany.


Ed –

You are citing Likud's position – not the final coalition agreement.


so chraidim will not serve in the army, charaidim will not learn english, so we are just adding more shnorers and more hardships for the frum world. Where is sechail? where is abisselle sechail? its mamash screwd up, last night i was at a gathering and Reb Zalmen leib teitelbaum the zali satmar was raging against charaidim joining the army, I was ready to stand up and tell the zali YOU FOOL, what other alternative do you have for a young charaidi that starts out to make a decent living and be piss poor for life.


“It’s Yesh Atid violating the coalition agreement, not Ya'alon. There won't be a coalition crisis unless Yesh Atid wants one,” the Post was told – even though this makes absolutely no factual or logical sense.


Reports of the coalition agreement stated, back then, that it was agreed that there would be no criminal sanctions.

Then Yesh Atid produced a bill with criminal sanctions.

So Yaalon said Yesh Atid violated the agreement.

To you, Shmarya, this makes absolutely no sense.

As it says, "reishit chochma yirat shamayim..."

Shmarya, you'd better take a break from the news and open a gemara.


rocky --You got rocks in youre head , youre a truly deranged beast.


I guess this is what politics must have been like in the Weimar years in Germany. Too many political parties, lots of political squabbling and unstable coalitions. In the end, the Weimar constitution turned out not to be worth the paper it was written on.

Unfortunately for Israel, it is surrounded by a lot of hostile neighbors. I suspect it will all end very badly for most Israelis, even if the people at the top manage to flee to their second homes in New York, Los Angeles, London or Paris.

Outcast Yid

Naftali Bennett's position makes sense. The ultimate goal is to integrate Haredim into Israeli society. Mass arrests will not accomplish that, but will further marginalize them.

rebitzman - $101 to read my posts

This is temporary. Bibi can't afford fir the coalition to break down and Yesh Atid can't either.........yet.


I don't think any significant change will occur as long as he's in office. I don't have much confidence in their ability to implement change even after he's gone.

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